What we can extract from SmartThings Mannequin Challenge

just for pointless fun . . . we analyze everything ST say and do on here . . . so this may as well include their office.

1.) whenever anyone says "ill have to go check with _______ department and get back to you next week, they could literally shout across the room…

2.) Samsung tv’s are on a desk asif they are been used for testing. . . (this bit excites me)

3.) the R&D department is literally one guy at a small desk, which explains the speed of new integration.

jokes aside i analyzed this video super close to see if i could get any heads up or sneaky peaks at anything coming up or been worked on as im a passionate geek for smartthings haha

also, did anyone spot the SUPER S :wink: doodle . . . NOPE . . . did you heck, because nobody else frame by framed the video like loser me haha . . . i used to draw these little S’s in every text book i had in school. good to see they were also been doodled in the USA by people and still live strong today, god knows what it even means or stands for or where it came from . . .



That S…


Thats the one !!!

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What I first noticed was that the first light they turned on was all the overhead’s for the office… Then next time you see the phone, those lights then show up as ‘off’ in the app… not saying people fake things but fake news is 2016 meme of the year amirite?

Then I guess the person on the phone mistapping because like the ‘troubleshooting station’ i think was meant to come on with ‘levaton light’ but it was already on…

Nope not a person that looks for every flaw :). Also how did the echo start playing anyway :wink:

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