Congrats SmartThings!

Did anyone notice how proud Samsung is about their SmartThings? Well, if you look at Samsung’s main website, SmartThings is as prominent as “Samsung Pay” and part of “It’s a Galaxy.” This says a lot of what’s in the bag for SmartThings unit…


what is that spherical camera looking thing in the upper left?

Great that it’s on the main page, not so great is that it’ll get more people to buy it and then cause another “event” and crash the bubblegum and shoestring database. :confused:


Apparently it’s a 360 degree camera!

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It is interesting to see ST on this and it is a good sign. However prominent is not the word I would use for it nor for Samsung pay that is on this page either. I think an argument can be made that Samsung’s focus is on the devices and not the ecosystem that makes those things work or in recent weeks not work. More focus on the ecosystem from a stability standpoint and from a ease of use capability will pay far greater dividends than some new device that will likely be obsolete before it ever reaches mass adoption.