Free Icon Design For SmartThings Developers

Hello All

If i haven’t spoken to you direct on here or been part of a discussion with you on here, then please let me introduce myself . . .

I am Kyle, 24 years old and from Leeds, UK. By trade i am a Graphic Designer & Nightclub Event Organizer, my hobby and now passion is Home Automation and i love to see people creating great solutions with SmartThings for their everyday lives, im still learning the coding side of things and have great respect for the Coding Wizards on here, it is a really inspiring environment to be part of.

So the point of this topic is… i love how everyone is so helpful in making other peoples ideas come to life, be it with little contributions or full on step by step support and i want to be able to offer another piece of the puzzle to those interested in improving this platform.

So ive decided, for those to whom it may interest, i am willing to assist Free of charge in my spare time with the creation of Professional Quality SmartApp Icons (To help your SmartApps stand out within SmartThings current SmartApp offerings) and the future upcoming SmartApp Store.

Many Developers (Not All) overlook the branding/Image side of things when creating these great solutions for other users, But one day (sooner rather than later we hope) millions of users will be using this platform and looking for great SmartApp solutions for there own setups . . . and more importantly, it could be your solution they are looking for . . . so i feel it is important for everyone who is giving back to this platform to have the opportunity and resources stand out in there own right for the great work they have done.

So if you are a SmartApp developer, serious about contributing to the SmartApp offerings… then Trade In Your Default Amazon Cog Icon for something that really represents your concept/Solution/Idea/Vision and help other users quickly identify and connect with your SmartApp easier from here on out.

Also, If anyone is looking for assistance with any other SmartThings related design projects, feel free to get in touch as im sure that id be happy to assist.

Cheers Kyle


Hi Kyle. I may be able to use your help. I have modded a SmartSense Door Open/Closed sensor to simultaneously control a 3-way and a 2-way switch which I have dubbed the X2-Switch. Please see and I could definitely use better icons. Interested?

This sounds good at first glance, but is this something every user could utilize and make use of with “out of the box” products… or is this aimed more towards a very small minority with wiring & hacking knowledge . . .

Please PM me more info as i dont want to dismiss anyone’s enthusiasm or ideas and would love to help if possible . . . But initially this offer is aimed more at developers making SmartApps for the majority or aiming to get their app certified at some stage, as a pose to something that may only be accessible to a small minority with advanced hardware hacking skills etc.

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Cheers @Tyler :slight_smile: most appreciated, let me know if you know of any developer who could benefit from this :slight_smile:

Here is some Icon examples i have made for my installed SmartApps and Bridges etc . . .

I went for a Flat Theme on all of them out of personal preference and kept the ST Ring style round them all to represent it been within SmartThings Circle of trust/integration so to speak :slight_smile: x

Click on the image to zoom in:

In More Detail:


It’s a shame that we can’t directly reference external icons in the code for Device Tiles.

The SmartThings set is far too limited.

When you say device tile. Do you mean within your THINGS catergory, ive changed the icons for all my things but kept them on style with STs current ones and then all my smartapp icons for everything i have tonthe above style :)!


Perhaps I was using the wrong type of image file, but when I put in a URL in a Device Type Handler as the icon, it would always scale very poorly and fill the whole Tile.

Loading a Background image within the App isn’t sufficient because I want different icons for different states.

Like this:

I can fix that easily :slight_smile: just needs a .png with a border margin specified :slight_smile: ill do an example with the harmony one later as just did this in phone as out :slight_smile:

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Yah… I couldn’t figure out why ST wasn’t scaling… Didn’t occur to me that the margin / whitespace needed to be built-in!

ST ought to publish the specs… But I bet you know what they are!

Too bad there’s no way to fix the horrible handling of the values in the tiles… All upper case, no (?) or random line wrapping ("\n" support was taken out a few months ago…).

This sounds good at first glance, but is this something every user could
utilize and make use of with “out of the box” products… or is this
aimed more towards a very small minority with wiring & hacking
knowledge . . .

Hi Kyle - Perfectly reasonable. Thanks.

One thing that would be helpful though would be a HOWTO for incorporating custom icons that change dynamically with device state as opposed to incorporating an icon that is static via the Preferences => Update Icon process. I have not found a way to link to an icon hosted on and with a public URL, but perhaps you or others here have.

Thanks again.


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i think that you could help alex625 he is dessigning one action dashboard and you could help to do it more great. i would like to see his dashboard with new icons that could be very helpfull for everyone i am thinking to install one tablet than each room. i already have one installed on my fridge door. and it is better than wink dashboard.
contact alex625 that is my idea


If this is true, it would be my pleasure to help in any way possible with the graphical UI for any dashboard @625alex is creating, i did as a mess around a few months ago mock up a futuristic variation of smarttiles so id be more than interested in actually helping with any project like this :slight_smile:


Chhers, kyle

Thank you for the generous offer, Kyle! I will be contacting you in a short while for some icons!


Be it just icons or something a little more substantial ui wise please let me know as i would be happy to help :slight_smile: cheers kyle

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@AutomateEverything Kyle are you still doing custom icons for smartapps? I am going to be submitting this app and the current ceiling fan icon is pretty bland black and white.

iconUrl: “”,
iconX2Url: “

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If this is something you’re still doing, it could really improve my SmartApp. I’ve been limited to what I’ve been able to find on