New App

Hey All,

I create a new app to help create scenes. Check it out here:


I wrote a comment in the Project forum itself awaiting your moderation…

Approved and responded to :slight_smile:

The Scene Machine app has been updated to fix a bug regarding null values for non-dimmer switches. The bug caused the app to fail when it got to a non-dimmer is the list of switches. You can browse and download the fixed version.

Happy Hacking

@wackware: I sent you a Private Message on the system here with a code variation and some ideas on this, and would like to continue to discuss and/or join the project or even just fork it…

No rush… just did not want my message to get lost!

Looking forward to interacting with you!


Completely off topic, but @tgauchat I always read your posts in the voice of a news anchor. Your varied use of bold and italics always makes me think of a news anchor modulating his or her tempo and tone to keep the viewer interested.


Interesting observation/comparison – thanks for the compliment!

I have quite an obsession with adding expression to typed correspondence (particularly if it is somewhat conversational, such as a chat or discussion forum…). I have acting experience and had a voice/tv broadcast class; which may explain this urge.

More likely I am trying to compensate for the significant verbosity of my posts by adding some virtual metaphorical color to retain interest; and/or to highlight and dissect long responses so that the reader can get the gist with a quick scan instead of getting lost in line after line of unformatted monotone grey blocks.

Shorter responses likely more efficient choice; but brevity is difficult for me.

Mixed formatting is annoying to some people: To those I say; be thankful that this forum software does NOT offer the option of foreground and/or background color selection and dozens of fonts and text sizes, emoticons, etc.!

:slight_smile: [Edit: Oh… looks like emoticons are supported! Cool! B-) , I’m surprised :open_mouth: !?]


Just in case it was lost in the shuffle (though you are likely just busy with life instead of being obsessed as myself with these forums…)…

I sent you a Private Message a few days ago regarding further mutilation (and possibly republication) of the Scene Machine code. I don’t know the protocol for moving too far public with my ideas, so I asked you in private…

@ tgauchat.

The android update brought “App Touch” functionality to the Android App. No apps like “Scene Machine” are just as good on both platforms. Way to go ST!

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