What turned this on?

This device was turned on at 2:06PM today. No clue what triggered it. 2 days in a row now. Only rule associated with is is "temperature over 41 degrees. Not even close today.

Is there anything in this that might provide a clue?

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I too am having some things randomly turn off and I definitely have a switch & motion sensor that turn on at the weirdest times.

I’ve also had things randomly turning on and off. It seems like delayed commands possibly… hours or even days delayed.

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That reminds me that I’ve been getting notices of my garage doors opening hours or a day after they open.

I wish there was an easy way to move to Hubitat. SmartThings is going backwards…

Do you have Amazon Alexa integrated with SmartThings? If so, go into the settings within the Alexa App on your mobile phone, and disable ‘Hunches’. Also, look in your Alexa ‘Routines’ to see if Alexa created one for you. Remove or disable any ‘Routines’ that you don’t recall explicitly creating yourself.

I disabled “hunches” over a year ago. This just started a couple days ago.

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