Virtual Switch Randomly Turning On

I have this situation with one particular Virtual Switch that “randomly” turns on. I have this Virtual Switch added to an Automation to trigger a Garage Door open/close.
The Virtual Switch will turn a Z-wave outlet to trigger the garage door to open and 1 second later it will turn off.
For some strange reason the Virtual Switch will some times turn on by itself during an specific hour range, between 10PM and 11PM most of the times. This will happen over random days of the week.
I can reassure that no one has access to my SmartThings account and no other device behaves or activates randomly.
I even went ahead and Deleted the Virtual Switch and created a new one to assign to my Automation for the Garage Door opener. The problem still is present.
I tried looking at the device History on Samsung account to try to figure out who is turning on the device but there’s no such info.
I have removed the Automation from this problem Virtual Switch just to validate there;s nothing on my SmartThings Network at home triggering the activation. I would still find in the morning that the Virtual Switch turned on at night during random days.
PS: I do have a second Virtual Switch setup to operate a second Garage Door and this other Virtual Switch is working just fine, with no random activations.
Please help.

Are you using Alexa, if so is ‘hunches’ turned on?


The first question that is normally asked in this sort of situation is whether you have SmartThings connected to Alexa and if so whether ‘hunches’ are available and enabled in Alexa. Alexa has been known to create routines to perform what it sees as regular events though the timing sounds a little less precise than other cases I’ve heard of.

The fact that you’ve deleted a switch and created a new one and the problem persists would certainly make me think of voice assistants where the device name may be used as the identifier.


No Alexa or nothing. But I do have Google Assistant linked with SmartThings which I use to turn on the second Virtual Switch for the second Garage Door and other smart devices by “Ok Google”.