Light turning on and can’t see why

I have 3 lightify lamps that I use together, with a few basic rules, open on motion between sunset and sunrise, and on door open.

However now 1 of these lamps is turning on at same time every morning 10am, and I can’t see why or how. In my rules it always if x the. Switch on all 3.

Is there a way I can see why it’s turning on? It’s not switching off so then I’m having to switch them off at the wall, and forgetting to switch back on before sunset.

I haven’t hanged anything just noticed that this lamp is on now in morning. Can see it in the ST log coming on but doesn’t say why.

In the app select lamp, then routines, is there anything turning it on at 10am?

Do you have Alexa attached? If so, go and disable Hunches in the Alexa app.

No nothing

I do

I do have Alexa contacted to SmartThings, don’t use it with these lights though. Not sure what “Hunches” is though sorry

Alexa will see every device attached to your Smartthings Hub so she can control them unless you disable them inside the Alexa app (devices->choose device->menu->disabled).

Hunches is turned on by default (or she will ask you if you want it enabled randomly, usually out of the blue). Disable it in Alexa App->More->Settings->(scroll down)Hunches.

Hunches monitor what your behavior is. At some point you had been turning on those lights around 10am. Now she’s trying to “help”. Hunches suck.


I’m in UK, if that matters, and can’t see bu ches anywhere in settings.

I’ll disable in Alexa those lights as don’t use them anyway with Alexa to see if helps.

On Android its pretty easy to get to under Settings in the Alexa App. Or you can ask her to turn it off.

I’m on iOS but still can’t see it. Asked Alexa via voice and said to look at songs in the app!?!

I’m not 100% if it’s on in UK.

Anyway else I can confirm what it is switching it on though. I thought in the ST app I’d be able to see what was triggering it somehow but I can’t see how.

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In the UK we don’t get hunches! (In Alexa). Or location as a trigger which is extremely annoying!


Interesting. The UK is better off without them!

Not sure what it could be then. Any other integrations with external systems that could be changing the switches state?

You can try removing the light from the ST app, add it back, then add it back to your Routines.

That’s why I can’t find it! Thanks

Not that I can see no.

Are you using Ifttt?

Tho I I have it, but haven’t used in ages, not sure can remember login if so…

But I’ll have a look, but strange that it’s just started to happen. Literally watched it happen this morning and looked everywhere n ST and just says “…it turned on…”

ST is likely logging the report that the light sent after turning on. Not necessarily the request. All it knows is what the light is telling it.

Do you use any Smart Lighting routines?

Yes that’s the problem, I know it’s on I can see it ha ha.

Yes use routines, never changed anything, but checked and nothing in there apart from my stuff had for years.

I think at this point I would delete the device and add it back as @jkp said.

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