All automation light turn off randomly at the same time

I have problem with my light authorization seems like it happen 2 weeks ago. All the light switch, light plug or light bulb with different automation routine they usually turn on following the routes but they all turn off randomly at the same time that did not follow the routine setting anyone have the same issue recently

These are not always fun to try and diagnose from a couple of sentences…

  • do you use any integrations such as Google Home or Alexa?
  • are you only using Routines in ST? (no scenes or Smart Lighting rules)
  • do you use the timer option that is available on the device tile in the ST app.

can you post screenshots of any of the routines that are not being followed?

my first thought always goes to external integrations such as Routines in Google Home or Alexa. There is also the Hunches feature in Alexa that can cause issues.

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It is just power on off routine set up on automation

Yes I do have Alexa and all routine on Alexa are off
It was working fine till 2 week ago all my automation lights just randomly turn off all at the same time

I am at a loss. 2 weeks ago would have been around the time ST pushed out the 45.6 firmware so possible that your issues arose from it… mainly zigbee issues if your devices are zigbee. ST will start pushing out a new firmware update on Monday (October 31, 2022) that may take a few days to get pushed to all hubs. You may want to see if that resolves the issue. Or perhaps others might be able to offer better advice. You can also open a support ticket with ST Support to report the issue.

I have started to experience the opposite, i seem to have groups randomly switching on, Alexa suggestions off no timers set

Make sure the Alexa hunches feature is turned off.

That has been noted to cause various random problems with automations.


In the US/Canada only. But yeah, Hunches suck. It’s in the Alexa app under settings.

Hunches has made it’s way to the Great White North as well now.

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After the new Firmware 45.00011 and contact help desk multiple times with no solution, all my lights still random turn off. Anyone has any idea or any suggestion.