What Thermostats Besides the Nest Do You All Use?

That Venstar is quickly moving to the top of my list. Really liking the look of it.

I think it’s coming down to the Venstar or the Zen. Not sure if one would be better than the other. I want to make sure both fully integrate with ST and I like that both look good on the wall.

The Zen can use its temperature sensor for its own purposes, so it can control HVAC. It doesn’t allow you to utilize the temperature data to control other actions. For example, you can add a SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor or Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor that allow you to create actions based on temperature. Even with the thermostat tracking and logging temperature data, it can’t be used like those other sensors.

Honeywell 9580 WiFi works without a hitch. Using user provided code from our forum.

I didn’t realize that there was user code here for that. Can you link it by chance? I’ve always liked Honeywell’s products but didn’t realize the non-Zwave stuff worked with ST.

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Read all here and the latest code is linked.

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Love my ecobee si. They work great with ST

I use the trane. http://www.zwaveproducts.com/Zwave-Climate-Control/Zwave-Thermostats/Trane-TZ400BB3VZNNSL-Z-Wave-Thermostat.html

It works well enough although I just use the program on it mostly except once in a while I do a manual temp change from the app.

Is it this?

Honeywell Code

Reads like it’s for the 6580 and the one you are talking about is the 9580. Does that code work on both?

Had a nest but got rid of it after Google acquired the company. Will probably be getting a Ecobee 3 soon. Looked at the zen but it was too boring.

Have 2 Homeywells and they both periodically drop off the network. Going through forums it sounds like this is a known problem with these units. I HATE THEM and have decided that I’ll get what I can on eBay for them, eat the loss, and get something else (friend has Ecobee and I’m digging that).

Search the ST forums for info on Honeywell. There are MANY complaints about networks issues and poor cust serv

If you are looking at this Read all mine works fine.

@joel, I did exactly that with my Honeywell thermos. They started off good, but soon became the most troublesome devices I had. So glad I got rid of them.

I have a RCS Z-wave thermostat, which is excellent. It was the third stat that I tried and with out a doubt the best. I had a couple of questions on installation and received great support from RCS.

I had a Nest and neither my wife of I liked it, since we could not set the range that it would start and stop at.

Two weeks in and my Ecobee3 has stopped working. It will no longer send a Start, Stop or Setpoint signal to my heat pump. The IR remote control that came with the heat pump works fine and has no problem controlling the system. My HVAC company, who installed both the heat pump and the Ecobee (and the CT100) came out, inspected the thermostat and wiring and confirmed my diagnosis that the thermostat is not functioning.

The CT100 however, continues to work like a champ.

Ecobee is having me jump thru hoops to return the defective unit to them and I’m wondering if anyone else has had experience returning product to them.

I have the Honeywell 9000 series wifi’s and they work reliably (three of them). The polling without Pollster is not reliable but that’s a SmartThings issue, not Honeywell’s.

As I understand it any Honeywell that works with the Total Comfort website should work with the code posted above.

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Since I have yet to get Internet in my house I can’t hook any of my automation stuff up. Help me understand the polling issue you’re talking about in detail please.

You have to run a Smartapp called pollster to get relatively accurate current temps. Otherwise they will update here and there but not reliably. The Honeywell and Pollster threads do a better job explaining this than I could here.

I use the white Peq thermostat. My home has heat only, so it suffices. It was $45 new from eBay. Connected to ST no problem.

Ecobee3 plus remote sensors (a must) due to draft issues on the sensor on the main unit, dumb CT100 zwave thermostat (doesn’t require common but add it and you have a zwave repeater) and now of course there is Nest 3 (yet to be reviewed by ST guru’s).