Looking for Thermostat implementation Ideas

Hello all. So I’m creating a smart home and I’m looking for some direction on Thermostat selection.

The dilemma that I’m currently having is that I have a Nest Smart Thermostat. Which I love, but I would like to be able to take advance of the Zooz Tri-Sensors that I have been using to detect motion and automate lighting. These sensors also detect temperature and humidity, but I can’t really take advantage of that with a Nest thermostat. I did some research on different Z-wave thermostats, and i imagine that most of those would be able to take advantage of the tri-sensors. Do you think it’s worth while to switch out the thermostat? I know that nest has temperature sensors but they are pricey and don’t seem to have more than one use.

There are other options to consider like an EcoBee which has remote sensors. You can always build your own setup with a thermostat, temperature sensors and an app which can combine them all into essentially doing that same thing.

I don’t know that it would be the best solution to my current situation because i have sensors in place already and I think I just need compatibility. Like for instance, I already have the Nest Smart Thermostat and I have Z-Wave sensors, but the two don’t communicate. So, Unless I’m mistaken, if i were to switch to ecobee than I would have to buy new sensors and a new thermostat? Hopefully, I’m making sense