What Thermostats Besides the Nest Do You All Use?

I’m looking to change out my thermostat immediately after moving into my new home to integrate with the SmartThings Hub I also purchased. I’m curious what Thermostats you all have had good success with that aren’t the Nest but yet remain fully featured and are aesthetically pleasing?

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I have a Ecobee 3 in the loft/theater room. Looks nice, looking for a way to flush mount it to the wall, but i tihnk it looks nicer than my Nest i have downstairs.

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I use the Honeywell Z-wave and it’s been rock solid for a year.

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Which model? There are several.

Would this work with the SmartThings stuff?

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat RTH9580WF

+1 for the Ecobee 3. Works great.

The ZEN Thermostat was just certified as well:

I purchased two (2) of the Ecobee 3’s for my dual zoned 3 story house. Our local electric utility company provided a $100 discount for each network accessible Ecobee’s ($200 discount) making the overall cost more affordable (as I provided the installation).

I added 4 extra remote sensors for a total of 6 sensors (plus the main units sensors) so that my home would have all the feedback (Temp and Motion) from all of our rooms. The Ecobee’s also control my furnace’s humidifiers during the winter, which in the past, was a manual setting causing our windows to occasionally fog. The Ecobee’s monitor real-time humidity and adjust the home’s humidity to prevent any glass fogging.

I added custom SmartThings integration provided by @yvesracine’s device-type.myecobee Ecobee-Smartthings integration. I can access, not only all of the functionality provided by Ecobee, but also a robust event driven logic provided by the SmartThings functions.

I am totally satisfied with the Ecobee’s look on our wall. They are black & show the current inside and outside weather conditions. The Ecobee website for management is very easy to navigate for all the settings and vacation schedules, and they even compare your system usage & performances to various standards.

The latest Ecobee 3’s are now Apple HomeKit-enabled!

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Can’t speak to the compatibility of the device driver for that model, I used this one as it’s on the ST list - http://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-YTH8320ZW1007-Enabled-Programmable-Thermostat/dp/B005EJ7YO2/&tag=smart0f3-20

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That thing is hideous compared to what’s on my wall now. Not a fan of the design. Thank you for the suggestion though.

I use a PEQ (centralite) and a ZEN, these replaced 2 Ecobees, which were also fine.

Using a CT100 since June 2014 with no issues. Pretty basic cheap thermostat.

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Venstar Colortouch. I chose them for a few reasons:

Open, complete, and well documented local API.

Excellent mobile app and web interface, that has had excellent uptime over the years.

Very customizable appearance and local interface.

It’s venstar… someone who really knows HVAC. Easily programmable dead bands, multistage, after fan, fresh air cooling… its all in there!

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Link to the SmartThings integration?

I use Ecobee Smart SI thermostats in my home. Very Happy with them :grinning:

Control via SmartThings works flawlessly via help from @yvesracine custom Ecobee Device type for ST https://github.com/yracine/device-type.myecobee


[quote=“NMK95, post:12, topic:20147”]
Using a CT100
[/quote]Yep me too, works fine as a basic controllable thermostat. Also have a Nest (2 zone heating) which is frankly massive overkill - I’d rather have ST control the Thermostat, rather than Nest/Google. So it’s basically an expensive dumb wifi thermostat, in my house anyway.

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I replaced both of my Honeywell zwave thermos (kept dropping off the mesh, and the worst customer service ever by Honeywell), and replaced them with the Evolve Glass Series T-100-R Thermostat. These have been way better than the Honeywell thermos by a long shot. The link says H (hotel series), but they make a residential ® version too.

I just installed an Ecobee3 (HomeKit) and a CT100. They’ve only been working for a week but both seem to be rock solid. I really like the aesthetics of the Ecobee.

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Ecobee3 here as well. It’s way overkill, but I liked the way it looked, personally.

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