Giving up on Honeywell z-wave thermostat

After multiple weekends of trying to re-integrate (worked fine before) my Honeywell thermostat into my system, I am throwing in the towel. I guess that the mistake that I made was upgrading my hub to 2.0, but after trying every suggestion that I can find online, contacting ST support several times, resetting twice, unplugging for extended periods, and copious amounts of cursing (which always seems to work in a pinch), and everything but kicking it (guy fix #2), I’ve had it. Right now it’s nothing more than a crappy thermostat with a very crappy user interface.

So now I am left with the question of what to replace it with. I have an older AC system, and had to use the Honeywell Wire Saver, five wire adapter. So now that I have five wires to the wall plate, can I use any other modern thermostat that requires five wires? I am already using Dropcam, now Nestcam, and their app, and don’t mind the fact that their thermostat doesn’t appear to be on the Samsung list of supported 3rd party devices. I am more than happy to use their app to set temperatures before heading to the bay house for the weekend, but really looking for others input on what they are doing, and what they are most happy with.

Feedback and ideas welcome. Also interested in whether you would like to see the Honeywell dropped into a Ninja blender and posted on Youtube, roasted over an open fire, or blasted to smithereens with a firearm. Also posted on Youtube.

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I would purely because that is awesome.

I have the Honeywell WiFi version and am generally happy with that. I am awaiting official status of the EcoBee 3 and then going to go over just because I think it has more widgets to it and actual data to analyze how the house is rolling.

If you are going for Ecobee3, be prepared to get extra remote sensors… The one built in is extremely prone to drafts. Overall the best thermostat I have used BUT with remote sensors.

Really? good to know. My thermostat is in a hallway with almost no airflow so its terrible to manage the rest of the house…so really looking forward to remote sensors. Havent decided on one or two or… ha

It comes with one extra remote sensor which will help. Unfortunately my home is from late sixties and is split level and YMMV. I used some putty (if that’s what it called) which made it a little better. I used five sensors for my AC. The sensor built into my main thermostat was way off. And I removed it from my modes in Ecobee3 and used the other remote sensors for my modes. But of course your case may totally vary. Just one thing to keep in mind.

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I have the Honeywell thermostat as well, but I have not upgraded to the new V2 hub due to all the issues and lack of a transition plan by ST.

I will hold out a little longer based on the continued issues I see on the board. I really have no problems with my V1 hub, so not looking for trouble.

You did not state what your model is. I have three TH8320ZW1049 thermostats and they work great.

only thing is i wish they would delete the slider for adjusting the temp and add up/down arrows in the device type…

I have a couple of questions, but first, I have no idea what problems you’ve been having.

Were you successful in excluding the device from the network? Or did it just keep saying failed? Or, Ok and not actually excluding?

Does your thermostat have a place for batteries? Did you have them in when you were attempting to exclude it? and to reconnect it?

I just ran into this problem. The thing would NOT exclude until I put the batteries in it. No, it wasn’t a HoneyWell, but who knows, I just thought I’d throw out something really off the wall that I ran in to.

Jason reminded me of something. when moving from RaZberry to SmartThings one of my thermostats wouldn’t exclude, it did after i rebooted it by removing it from the wall and remounting it to the bracket.

I am not able to include the Honeywell into the new hub, and did have to do a force exclude from the old hub. Although ST calls it an “upgrade” process when moving to hub 2.0, it’s really a start over from scratch after deleting all of your Smart Apps and excluding everything. Several items would not exclude, and although there have been a number of posts about the Honeywell thermostat, and that the batteries only keep the clock active, I will try removing it from the wall again and remove the battery this time. /thanks

I 2nd this!..and now I’m typing extra stuff…am I at 20 yet?

is blending hub 1.0 an option for a youtube video? :imp:

Force exclude only deletes it from the hub, has been my experience, you still need to exclude the actual thermostat.

That’s the part where you want it wired and the batteries in it…

Why does everyone need to author such dramatic post titles? :slight_smile:

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@Ben… Just watch the news for 5 seconds… Apparently in modern day America on high impact drama makes the story!

To grab @ben’s attention.

This guy installed a Z-Wave thermostat. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE UNBELIEVABLE CONSEQUENCES!


What consequences ? What happened

If any one needs help with this you can watch this video. Don’t give up!