Inexpensive Second SmartThings compatible Thermostat

Hello All,

First post here and I’m currently awaiting my SmartThings kit. I’ve got a ton of experience with VeraPlus on some of my rentals, but I’m just now about to dive into SmartThings at my personal home…

So here’s my issue: I have a two-story home, and my kids (8yo/4yo) VERY frequently leave their bedroom/bathroom doors open and their thermostat set to 70F so their AC unit runs ALL THE TIME!!!

I am about to install an Ecobee3 (+ SmartHub + a ton of sensors + 5 Wink Cameras) to control the downstairs AC unit, and I’m looking for a second inexpensive SmartThings/Zwave compatible thermostat for their room/AC unit.

I don’t need anything fancy as I don’t plan to even really use it manually, and I definitely don’t want to entice them to play with a touchscreen lol I simply need the most cost effective SmartThings compatible thermostat for their room. HALP!!!

FYI… Just as a little “think nugget”…one of the main reasons I’m moving to this scenario is to put a door sensor on the bedroom and bathroom doors and then I’ll setup a scenario where if either door is open longer than 1 minute during the hours the kids are home, the AC will have it’s thermostat rise to 74F :slight_smile:

TLDR: Can’t get kids to turn AC to 74F OR leave doors closed. Automating it!

I know you might be looking for advice right now instead of a purchase but it so happens I have an unused z-wave thermostat I’m looking to offload! PM me if interested, details of device are at the link below.

I’m sure the community will have other suggestions for a cheap thermostat in any case. :slight_smile:

Hey bud! Thanks for the reply.

I’ve only been here for a day (haven’t even received my SmartThings hub yet), so I can’t DM/PM you.

What are you asking for that thermostat?

Hi @JoshuaGourgues,

I would recommend to use a wifi thermostate as they seem to suffer less disconnects as I heard about z-wave thermostats. I use a Honeywell wi-fi thermostat and only really had problems 2 or 3 times over 2 years installed. It is a cloud to cloud integration with SmartThings, but it works out great. And the community will help you on the integration too, Anyway…Checkout this list:

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Aha! Ok…so I’ve got a bit of confusion about WiFi devices regarding SmartThings.
Can you briefly explain how WiFi devices might communicate with SmartThings Hub?

Is it really as simple as: "because the device is on the same LAN as the Hub, they can communicate just like ZWave/Zigbee etc? Also, if the above is true, does that mean that truly any “smart” device that’s WiFi capable can be used with SmartThings as long as a “handler” has been created for it?

For some reason, I’ve been under the assumption that the SmartHub can only communicate with devices that speak one of the languages (Zigbee/Zwave etc) that it does???

If all of the above is true…would it be safe to assume that it’s “best practice” to use WiFi devices instead of Zwave etc devices where possible? (ie…no need for battery power, far-ish distance from the hub etc)

Meaning, that SmartThings will send commands to the thermostat via Honeywell “Total comfort” cloud platform. This enables two things to work. Just like Nest thermostat, Honeywell allows you to control this device from anywhere in the world. Thus it has its own cloud connect.

I have one of the above given to me by ConEdison in order to save on my heating bill. As a side effect, it can talk to my Smart House.

Z-wave thermostats have an issue of using a battery for the Z-wave radio and can/do drop connection to the ST hub.
Wi-Fi thermostats have a weak link in Internet providers. But in that case if your internet is out, you are unable to connect to your thermostat from outside your house either.

Ok. So you’re saying that I would be able to issue a command from the SmartThings GUI (ie on my phone/laptop) that would then be relayed over the internet to the Honeywell platform, that would then come back down via the Internet to the WiFi connected thermostat?

Command from Honeywell app on a device OR SmartThings scene etc>Honeywell Platform>Thermostat … right?

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You got it. So, you install the thermostat (Need a ‘C’ wire to your central unit for power)-> connect it to your wifi -> download the Total Comfort app from IOS/Android -> than you can follow the pictorial for the supported thermostats below:

I have the RTH8580WF model which is on the Amazon screenshot, but is not officially integrated… To integrate this model, you need a community created device handler which you can find. But it works out too.

Or I can give you my copy of the device code. Found the original bookmark to the Github repository:

When you setup SmartThing app and account. Go to this address to add the above code in the My Device Handler tab.

This is the termostat I went with (<$100),

I have 2 of these installed for about a year now and no disconnects. They are Z-Wave and in SmartThings as “CT100 Thermostat”. I have the displays locked where they cannot be manually adjusted and I adjust them by SmartThings mode changes and other factors using CoRE as well as the Ask Alexa community SmartApps.


How far from the SmartHub are your thermostats?
I’m concerned with the strength of the Z-Wave signal being too low

I also use zwave CT100 and it works great; picked it mostly due to the ~$80 cost. Also our thermostat is located in a room that we rarely enter, so seemed like a waste to put an expensive/pretty Nest/Ecobee in there to collect dust.

Zwave is a mesh network, so as long as you have some line powered (not battery) zwave devices scattered around your house, they will talk to each other and a zwave thermostat.

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Have you seen this thermostat?

GoControl GC-TBZ48

It’s got good reviews and noone on Amazon seems to have the CT100 for quite a while :frowning:

Yes. And would recommand you use the ‘C’ wire for power as the Z-wave radio will most likely use a battery.

Is it comparable to the CT100? I can’t seem to find any direct comparisons online.

In all honesty you’d probably be able to buy a brand new thermostat for cheaper than I can offer. I live in Australia so getting it shipped would bump up the cost. Good luck!

1 CT100 is about 15 feet from the hub, the other is about 60ft from the hub. My home has many Z-Wave light switches and outlets which are powered and should act as Z-Wave repeaters as well.

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has anyone try those thermostat?

Why take any chances with Aliexpress while you can go with the proven and affordable CT101 for Radio Thermostat for approx. $35 on ebay. I have 4 of them and they work perfectly through zwave plus they are also repeaters if you use the AC feed.

thanks for your attantion .
did you have a link of this thermostat?