What Routine is turning on a light?

Hi, I’ve got a light that’s turning on everyday at the exact same time. How can I figure out what is triggering the light to turn on? I’m guessing it is a legacy automation, but it isn’t clear to me how I can find the trigger.

start the agonizing search for the culprit:

  • check History of the light to see if it offers any clues
  • look through your Routines, Smart lighting rules, Rules API
  • check other integrated systems such as Alexa and Google Home or other systems if used. For Alexa, check if Hunches in enabled and generating Automations

happy searching!

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Check the general ST history to see what else is happening at that time. If it’s a routine, you’ll see it being activated. If you have a lot of devices it can leave a ton to wade through to scroll back to the previous day, and since you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s hard to filter down. It may be easier to look at the history just after it next happens.

How is this accomplished these days?

Bottom right three -bar menu / history

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Thanks! Never noticed it!