Which Routine Triggered an Event?


I’m trying to work out why something acted in a certain manner and, I cannot work it out just by going through the rules I’ve set up and the actual basic activity logs.

Is there any way to see what triggered a specific event?


P.s. I have searched the forum and Googled it but just can’t seem to find the right words to get me the answer I need!!!

No, it’s not real easy to figure out what might be triggering a device. There are the general history logs which can be found from the Menu tab which records what Routines are running. You can also see all the Routines associated with a device in the “In Use By” section of the device detail in the ST Advanced Web App.

Some people have discovered that Alexa Hunches are the mystery culprit, so if you have any of those, check to see if there are any Hunches or disable that feature.