Hidden or unknown automation help

I have a room with 3 bulbs that just turn on for no reason. When I look at the history it seems like it is a “turn on at sunset automation” They are powering on every night at 8:47, 8:48, 8:49 always within a few minutes. I have looked at all the ST automation and smart apps, Hue Automations DH within the IDE, and everywhere I can possibly think of looking. It would be great if the bulb history would tell me what triggered the ON Command.
Does anyone have any idea how to track down what is triggering the command or how to resolve the problem? at this point, I am ready to just set up an automation to turn them off every night at 8:55

Are you linked to Alexa? Alexa ‘hunches’ have form for luring users into approving the creation of routines.

If there is a Routine or Rule running it would appear in the mobile app History (i.e. Menu > History) provided it isn’t filtered out. That would also show you anything else being turned on or off at the time.


I did locate hunch/routine in Alexa I must have overlooked it. I never use Alexa for anything like that I probably wouldn’t have checked again if you had not suggested it.
Thanks for the response

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