Device turning on and I don't know how!

I have a GE light switch that turns on every evening at 7pm. I’ve been in my SmartApps Smart Lighting and I can’t find what routine is doing it. I’ve also looked at the device in the HUB IDE, in the In Use By listing, and the only thing there shows the light being turned off at 10pm (Lighting Automation), but this specific light switch isn’t in the lights off at 10pm routine when I look on my phone.

I guess I could delete the device completely and reinstall, but I thought I’d ask if anyone might know what’s going on here.

You’ve pretty much ruled out legacy apps by checking in ‘in use by’.

If you look in your mobile app History it should show any Automations, Quick Controls, Rules and Scenes (I think) being activated at that time.

Do you have any routines in Google or Alexa?

On my phone I go to the light, click history and see every day, 7pm dimmer 30%, 7pm On… and then some random time off when my upset wife turns it off manually. lol I don’t see the history specifying any Automation, Quick Controls, Rules, or Scenes. Just the generic On and Offs and times. Looking at Automatons of lights I do have set up I also don’t see this any of this info in their history, just the Ons and Offs and times.

Went to Routines in Alexa and don’t see anything. Pretty sure I don’t have any Google routines going on. Can you tell me how to check for Google routines?

Ah, I meant the one in the Menu:

If you have any routines in Google Assistant they’d appear when you click on Routines on the home page of the Google Home app.

That history is just like the HUB IDE history list, just turn on, turn, off, and percent dimming for every day.

No routine in Alexa or Google. :-/

Make sure the Amazon Alexa “Hunches” feature is turned off.