Rule is turning off a mode—but which rule?

I have a rule that triggers a light when a certain mode is active—and not when another mode is active. Evidentially, I have some other rule, routine, or automation that is turning that mode off. But I can’t figure out what is the source of this problem. I suspect that a routine from Amazon Alexa or the scene that routine is triggering is the culprit. Is there a good way to debug?

If you are using the Classic app, you can open the device and click on SmartApps in the upper menu. That will list any Smartapps, smart lighting rules, core/webcore pistons and routines that are associated with that device. You can click on them to open and examine. Looking in the recently tab might provide some info.

Unfortunately, for scenes or outside solutions such as Alexa, there is no method to track if those are the cause. Therefore, you would need to go into the Alexa app or open any scenes in ST until you find the culprit

I think even in the app you can go to the notifications and it will say something along the lines of “such app send this command to this thing”

I’ve seen it show up as Google being the originator, so it might help even when dealing with external triggers.

Right! That’s the problem. I think the issue is either originating in a CORE or WebCORE rule or an Alexa rule. And I can’t see those interactions from within the ST app.

Check the notifications section of the classic app, because I’m sure it’s very explicit there as to what sent the command.