Routine for Ring doorbell was deleted but still running

I created a routine to turn on my entrance light when my ring doorbell detected motion and when my door lock was open. I deleted the routine but it keeps running. Any idea?

In the Classic app, if you choose that device and select SmartApps in the upper menu, it will list any Smartapps, routines, pistons, smart light rules that are still associated to it. You can then click on each to open and hopefully track down what is turning the light on


What’s the brand and model of the lights? And do you have any Nest devices?

Nest recently pushed out an update which caused its own routines to be automatically added to some other systems, such as the hue bridge. This is causing a lot of ghost automations. Several reports in the forum on this.

I only have the Alexa app enable on that device, but it only turn on the light with the voice command. I check the recently tab and it does not specify what turned it on.

The light is a GE Z-wave switch and I dont have any nest devices.

Did you create the “routine” in Amazon Alexa app? If SmartThings app doesn’t show you what app turned the light on, I would check the Alexa app.