What one you do when SmartThings support can't help?

I hate to sound like I’m whining (maybe I am :sunglasses:) because this is not my intention.
I come here a couple of times a week to read through posts, learn and keep me updated.

I see a lot of advanced users here but I have to assume that even these power users will eventually have some problems beyond their control (on the SmartThings side) and I’m just wondering… how do you get those resolved? Through support@smartthings.com ?

Long story short:

First time I needed SmartThings support they went for over 30 days without a clue of what of was happening. I couldn’t wait any longer so I “deleted my Samsung account”, I factory reset the hub and every single device and started over… painful. :sweat:

Now I had another issue: a few days after my request I get an email telling to reset the app. It was non sense but I did it anyway… 16 days later I get another email telling me to once again: power cycle stuff and remove and re-add to the app…

Really? Is there actual “technical support”? :thinking:
I mean, people who actually troubleshoot? Read logs, metadata, perform tests, check your account, their servers… stuff like that?

Or is there a secret channel you guys are keeping to yourselves? :face_with_monocle:

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Tell your problem here and someone might be able to answer it. You have better chance that someone from the community can help to solve an issue, than waiting for support to reply.
Some ST staff monitors the community forum and pops in to help people too. It is useful when you face a genuine issue or a bug, or a new but non documented (yet) feature.

So take your time and write down your issue here, or the relevant topic, if there is any. Or if you cannot find anything just open a new topic as you just did.

What you need to share with us, is the Hub type what you are using (v1, v2, v3, ADT panel, etc.) . Your country and the brand and the product number of the device what you have issue with, if it is a device. Try to give as much information, what is not personal, and people here might can solve your issue. Or, if not, then we will tell you to contact support, because it is out of our capabilities.

So, what is your current problem?


Thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

Man, I was really hopping there was another support channel out there where you can reach their “actual technical team”. :disappointed:

I did post my issue here. It is related to the SmartThings app that is pre-installed into Samsung TVs.
It is a topic that apparently doesn’t get much attention in the forums so i got nothing so far.


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