No working devices since Friday 3/16 - NO RESPONSE from Support


This is getting beyond ridiculous.
Every couple of days NOTHING works.
Since Friday 3/16 NOTHING WORKS and there has been NO RESPONSE from support.

Is this a JOKE? About to call the credit card company to make a claim against Samsung SmartThings.

SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018
(jkp) #2

How long have you had the hub? Is it a ST hub, ST/ADT hub, or Home Connect? Did the problems begin when you got the hub or only recently started? What type of devices are not working? give us more details :slight_smile:

(Mark) #3

Is that a joke?

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

SmartThings has a 30 day return period and most vendors (Amazon? Best Buy?) will definitely honor it directly.

Many credit cards extend purchase protection to 30, 60, or even 90 days.

And I think SmartThings has a 1 year warranty for defects, which if Support won’t respond, you can probably escalate a refund request instead.


Just look around the forum.
ST has been unsusable for 6 months.
Every 5-10 days ALL devices stop responding.

Either they fix this sh!@#$! show or I want my money back.


You realize this is a community website right? The people you’re giving attitude you are people who can help you, but likely won’t because of your attitude.

If you want help, leave the attitude, explain the specifics of your problem, and there are a wealth of amazing people here who can help.

If that’s too much to ask, there are options to return it. I’m sure you’ll be missed.

Edit: Looked through your post history, and your problem is you chose to opt into the beta program and are flipping out in every thread because there are issues. Leave the beta program if you need stability. Sheeeesh.

(Mark) #7

It’s pretty clear (IMO) that the OP doesn’t post here because he wants help, based on the history of his posts. He wants to complain and make unreasonable demands. Like downgrading every user’s hub firmware because he had a problem after an update. Or threaten to request a chargeback on a consumer product he purchased over a year ago.

(Mark) #8

Almost forgot, make sure you show this section of the ST terms of use to your credit card company when you demand your money back.


(Steve White) #9

Unusable for whom exactly? Aside from the known outages my system has been quite usable, all 370+ devices of it. Has everything worked 100% of the time? Of course not. But ST has done quite well by me. I’ve been working directly with support on device communication and other issues for the past several months and have been very fortunate to receive advanced hub updates to help alleviate some of the more critical issues I’ve raised.

I doubt any of that would have happened if I communicated with support using the same attitude you’ve displayed here on the forum. This isn’t mean as an attack, just an observation and a suggestion that you’ll get the help that you need and probably more, if you stay friendly, non-threatening, and cooperative. Kill them with kindness.

(Daniel Ionescu) #10

Absolutely not true.
Does your hub have power?


I’m not sure attacking the user is the appropriate course. Most of us have been in that situation of wanting to chuck ST out of the window, frustrated and defeated.

Some of us keep it light and joke. Others implement other solutions. Others come to the forums to rant, when we’re really just looking for some support.

I, myself, have had nothing but trouble with ST over the past few weeks since the last big outage. So, I can empathize. I can empathize even more if OP is a new user who is unfamiliar with the platform, that many purchase as a reliable “appliance” without fully realizing what they are in for.

Devices that have been working properly for over a year started dropping and becoming unresponsive. Honestly, it seemed like some sort of chain reaction. Normally, a quick power cycle of the device fixes any issues. That hasn’t been the case of late.

I’ve spent an hour or more with support, and will have to make another call to them today. It hasn’t been pleasant at all.

BUT, in no way whatsoever does this excuse constant ranting and repeated posts JUST to rant.

ST Support has always been responsive to me. A rep patiently walked me through all the steps possible for testing connectivity with devices, even though it was to no avail. I wasn’t happy with having to exclude and re-add devices, but I was happy with the level of attentiveness and support that I received from the ST team.

It’s easy to yell and throw a tantrum when you don’t like the solutions that more experienced users and staff are providing. But, it doesn’t change the fact that those are the only solutions available and any energy wasted in protest is energy that could’ve been used just to reset/re-add a device and move on.

(Glen King) #12

It seems like one of these type posters turns up here each week. I’ve gotten to the point that I consider them all the same angry-troll guy, sent by beelzebub to create angst.

Mind you, I’ve had my share of issues with Samsung and not been shy about expressing that frustration. But these folks who are nothing but bad attitude and shrillness are not worth helping.
He should just go get his money back, and then vanish.

(Mark) #13

It seems that ship has sailed. I agree we’d all be better off if the OP just moved on to another system, though (OP included).

(Bryan) #14

I have 2 v2 hubs that have been functioning without issue since v2 came out.

Maybe you should get your $100 back and get a Control 4.