What is the hold-up with the promised iOS mobile app update?

(Andreas A.) #1

@kleneau According to your linked posting you submitted an app update to Apple to fix the broken multiTile 21 days ago but there still is not sign of in on the AppStore. Was this update pulled or what is the hold up there? My most recent submission to Apple took less than 24h from submission to release (without request for an expedited review) - I am wondering whether the multiTile will ever be fixed or whether I have to rework all my custom device handlers in order to not lose information…

(Joel W) #2

I just sent a request today for the same issue and one other, but I am waiting for a response. As I understand the Android app is screwed up also. I have at least three device types not working. I also contacted Honeywell regarding the RTH9580WF thermostat that was labeled works with SmartThings and was told it is ST that hasn’t followed through with their integration or device type. That is also over a month ago. I as many others are starting to ask the question is ST up to the job? I hate being negative, but the last few months have been hell. Almost a year to fix WeMo integration, and now all this network junk and the lack of bringing the proposed system is beginning to be tiresome.