IOS App (June 2021) Status unreliable

I have found that main tile status of devices is totally bogus. Example the main tile shows light is on, click the tile for details, and it shows off. Real status is off. I can no longer trust status of anything.

I can confirm this behavior as well, since this new app has been released. Sometimes I have to close the app and reopen again a few times for the status to be accurate. It is just either random tiles or the same few tiles.

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Yes for sure. I also have items saying offline, but they are working as expected. I, either, have to restart the hub or close the app and reopen. Just so annoying, the Classic app was much more stable.


I had been wanting to say that this is the reason some feel the latest updates are faster or snappier… devices and other (SHM) statuses are random and incorrect.

I think it is much slower and erratic. Last night I couldn’t lo on again and when I could all my room settings were gone again. This is becoming a true pain. Lately everyday this app either screws up my settings or crashes.

I have just given up on re-arranging room settings. There’s also the acknowledged bug with the iOS SmartThings widget. I feel that this new app has not been tested well before release.

I have found the same issue. I lose the ability to control devices sometimes as well. Closing the app (including in the background) and reopening resolves status accuracy and control issues for me. This is definitely inconvenient and annoying.

UPDATE: I reached out to SmartThings Support about this issue yesterday. They said it was a known issue tied to the SmartThings Platform Degraded Performance incident that was resolved yesterday. I checked today and the iOS app does appear to refresh device status after opening the app from the background now. I’ll keep monitoring. MAYBE it has been fixed. Fingers crossed. Are you seeing the same?

I truly think it is time to have a petition that we all sign that tells them of these latency & status problems.


UPDATE Part 2: still seeing issues. I have started experiencing app crashes when opening from the background and selecting a device that wasn’t updating its status correctly. Sometimes the device status updates when opening the app from the background, sometimes it does not. I’m going back and forth with SmartThings Support trying to iron this out.

I have had app crashes and sometimes when I click on a device to see the details, I am kicked back to the room I was in.

SmartThings Support has confirmed that the issue has been fixed. They recommended to uninstall and reinstall the app; which has become a very common troubleshooting step. After reinstalling the app, my device statuses appear to update in the tiles after opening the app from the background. I’ve opened and closed multiple times from the background over the past hour. No crashes. It seems to be working now. But I will need to see it working for a day or two for me to feel good about it.

Yes, that is an option, but I lose all my room customizations.