What is going on here!?! (Multiple device failures)

I hope they find and delete the ghosts. If not, your last resort is to include/exclude again each of your removed outlets. The ghosts then, will be deleted automatically. I know how frustrating this is. Good luck

Thanks again Bobby will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Have you had luck with the Iris plugs as repeaters??

They were a real pain to pair and most gave me similar headaches like you currently have, but I was lucky that most just needed a power cycle to bound. A few required replace. However, once I was able to run a successful repair, they didn’t give me any problems. So I am happy with them. It’s been a few months since first one was paird and I still get successful repais every week.

Here is the last email I received from support. After that response, I decided to add back the deleted devices, and ran the inclusion/exclusion on them. Things normalized immediately and was able to successfully run repairs ever since. That’s the reason I was suggesting you to add the deleted devices back to your network.

Although the email speaks of infamous 101 err, my problems started exactly the way you describe your situation.

Thanks for reaching back out, I’m terribly sorry to hear about the continued trouble!

At the time we are seeing this happen with some frequency when running Z-Wave Repairs on large Z-Wave networks. When that Error 101 appears, the Z-Wave radio should reboot itself, but if your devices are unresponsive a reboot of the Hub itself should do the trick (just press the red recessed button on the back).

At the time there’s no way to completely avoid this error besides not running Z-Wave Network Repairs. Our head Z-Wave dev is aware of the issue though and he’s hard at work coming up with a solution. For the time being though your devices should be responsive, but as I said a reboot of the Hub should get them going if not.

If you’re currently seeing any issues with your device responsiveness, let me know the particular names of the devices giving you trouble and we’ll make sure things are working as expected!


May try the Iris plugs again as repeaters, that’s why I got 6 of them to enhance my mesh, but they seemed to do the opposite the first time around! So this morning ran a few repairs and voila, everything is a bit better. Maybe I am just expecting things to be perfect when in fact ST is not quite perfect yet…

ok, the erratic behavior of your mesh could be indicative of a weak network. Is the homeseer just a repeater or a switch. In other words can you validate that is functioning properly? You should be getting consistent successful repairs with no failures.

The homeseer is a pocket plug in outlet. Is about 20 feet from the hub through one wall. Functions perfectly. Is Z-Wave plus.

I would love consistently successful repairs!