Everything has stopped working (May 2018)

So over the last few days almost everything that is connected to my smartthings hub is intermittently not working. the first things that I noticed was the door sensor was alerting that the door was open and kept turning off my AC.

Then I noticed that my round smartthings outlet was no longer working.

Now my Yale deadbolt is not responding to commands either.

and for that matter absolutely nothing at the moment is working even though through the smartthings app and the online IDE everything says its connected and status is ok.

The status for the deadbolt is not updating and seems to stick forever id I try to toggle it.

It is talking just fine to my EcoBee and is online I have power cycled it several times with no change.

I am unable to discover and add any new devices including the samsung outlet. I am able to remove devices.

I have not changed anything in over 3 months that would possibly cause issues and it seems to have started about the time they ninja pushed the last update.

Is anyone else having issues like this?

Also I have a mixture of both ZigBee and Z-Wave devices and both are working just as poorly.

I have had absolutely zero issues apart from 1 Ikea bulb not wanting to pair out of 4 for close to 6 months so everything all crapping out at the same time is kinda strange.

if anyone has any tips or info it would be great.


I would suggest contacting ST support…


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All or most of my Z-wave devices have stopped responding. My Zigbee devices still seem to work. All this in the last few days for me too. I thought it was just me at first but now maybe it’s something more with the ninja update as you said. I’m wondering if an errant z-wave device is causing some major problems with my z-wave mesh. I checked my IDE and they all say online or active. I plan on doing some further tests this weekend.

Reboot your hub and do a Z-Wave repair. That fixes 99% of such issues. It’s a good practice to reboot your hub once a month.

Yes, thanks but I did try that already…twice. Unfortunately it didn’t help me this time. I’m suspecting that it might be some of my Iris plugs that also have a Z-wave repeater…all of mine are showing the z-wave part as offline so I’m going to try resetting those one by one.

Yes those IRIS plugs which double as repeaters are known to have problems with the Z-Wave repeater, best to avoid using them if you have other repeaters around the house

Sure enough, I went into the IDE and removed all my Iris Z-wave repeaters and suddenly, things are working again. I already have plenty of mains powered plugs and switches so I know my mesh is good. I’m going to go do a z-wave repair now.

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I don’t recall seeing any mention of this problem. I am relying on Iris plugs to act as repeaters for my Z-Wave network. I have no plug-in Z-Wave devices, therefore no other Z-Wave repeaters (I think). Should I be concerned?

If it’s working fine, I guess you’re okay. If you being to see trouble, try turning them off.

Many community members have been using the iris plugs successfully as zwave repeaters.

If you read that trouble thread carefully, you’ll see that there are multiple firmware versions for those devices, maybe even four or five and there’s no way to update the firmware except with an iris hub.

Even the person who first reported the problem as a “warning” in the forum later determined that it was only some of the firmware versions. And if you have that problem you will likely have it from the first time you install the device, it isn’t something that works for a few months and then stops working.

Obviously it’s fine if anyone wants to take those devices out and see if that helps particular problem that they are having, but there isn’t a known issue with them, rather there’s a known issue with some of the older models, And that issue will show up In the first week or two after you install the device.

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OK, thanks both for the clarification.