What happens to all my Device handlers?

I was told by SmartThings customer service that there is no plan to retire the Groovy IDE when I reached out to them.

I provided the link outlining the phases of discontinuation from this site and they stated that they don’t support this site.

Total confusion, but in any case, if the Groovy IDE does indeed go away, what happens to all my device handlers? I have so many that I can’t even remember what they all do since it’s been years since I set them all up.

There is no immediate plan to retirethe Groovy IDE…

…Until next year.

If you look at the current development documents, groovy is still the basis for hub connected (zigbee, ZWave) devices. That means DTHs are still very much part of the platform. Current direction for custom device handlers that need custom UI even adds information to a DTH.

So for now youre fine.

For groovy smartapps the devs should already be planning on migrating them to the new style (Amazon Lambda or webhooks) Cloud connected devices should plan on moving to the new cloud connected methods while DTHs for Zigbee and ZWave should be adding rhe custom capabilities and presentations currently in beta.

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This site is not an official support channel, although it is hosted at SmartThings.com so that customers can provide assistance to other customers.

There are a few staff members who occasionally post here: their profiles will identify them as staff. And there are some official announcements posted to this forum by staff members.

The timeline was an official announcement posted to this forum by a staff member.

Updates to the SmartThings Platform

That said, first line support through the official channels is general Samsung support, and depending on who you get, they are frequently clueless about smartthings itself and about any announcements. They are just working off a script. :disappointed_relieved:

How can I tell if the device handlers that I have in Groovy are migrated to the new app? Sorry, I got the hang of all this stuff a couple years ago and it’s been awhile so I don’t remember all this.

I had to learn it all 2 years ago and haven’t messed with it since!

Also, are they retiring the V3 hub or is this likely?

This is an often recurring theme here. SmartThings is quite motivated to move off the groovy platform for efficiency reasons. Most consumers are not like us geeks here in the forum. Most ST users just buy a handful of devices and just want them to work, which will be fine with the new ecosystem. For me this means us geeks here need to be diligent in keeping us all informed about migration options, challenges, work arounds, etc. Thanks for posting and doing your part.

Short version? Login to the new application with your current credentials (you can do this just fine without migrating, as long as you don’t setup presence in BOTH new and Classic at the same time and don’t setup both STHM and SHM at the same time) Poke around and see.

Not likely at all. the V.1 hub lasted 7+ years before they stopped supporting new firmware. V.2 (2015) is still getting firmware, and of course v.3 (2018) is very supported. Certain testers with V.2 and beyond are due to be getting beta firmware starting today.

Thanks for all your help. Excuse my ignorance but where do I go in the new SmartThings app to see if the device handlers were carried over?

I see all my smart apps that carried over from the Classic app but I’m lost on where to look for device handlers.

Thank you

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If your device doesn’t display properly, cannot be controlled, or reports offline it probably needs an updated device handler.

I’m curious how this effort is progressing. I’m not in the Alpha, but It seems to be just a SmartThings app web portal and not a replacement for the IDE, but hopefully this will maintain the core features of the IDE for things like adding 3rd party device handlers and SmartApps maybe?