Inovelli Switches without device handlers?

I purchased about 40 or so Inovelli switches a couple years ago.

I have NZW30, NZW31 with scenes.

I have device handlers for these installed in the Groovy IDE which I know will be going away at some point.

Am I going to have to purchase all new switches or will these still work after the IDE is gone?

not until some time in 2021

highly doubtful. the replacement for groovy will be in place before it is shut down :slight_smile:

Oh, so device handlers in the IDE will be transferred to a new system where they will work?

I just migrated from the Konnected Smart App to the Konnected Cloud and deleted all the Konnected stuff in my IDE, now I see that after I linked the Konnected Cloud to Smartthings, all those sensors are back in the IDE.

Sorry, maybe you can help me understand, lol!!

are you talking about migration from the classic app to new app (now)? or when groovy ends ? if when groovy ends, it is way too early in the process to even speculate at this time. that is a question for the developer at a later date. tagging @heythisisnate

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I’m mainly just trying to prepare for when the IDE closes.

When do I know that I am officially “migrated” from the Classic App to the new App?

It appears that anything I put in either app works on both apps so I’m confused on what to do.

did you receive a banner asking you to run the migration tool in the classic app? after you run the migration tool, you will see a banner at the top of the classic app saying to use the new app.

Yes I have had the “Migrate this location now” banner for a couple months.

Everything in the new app works except I have not installed the new home security function in the New App.

Now that I have deleted all the Konnected Smart App sensors in the Classic App and moved everything to Konnected Cloud, I’m not sure what to do in regards to migrating my security settings.

I haven’t messed with the migrate banner yet. Should I do that now?

I’d better let someone who uses Konnected respond to your questions

if you use the old integrations for Sonos, Alexa or Google, those need to be switched to the new integrations by Sept 8, 2020. If you use Echo Speaks, that ceases also on that date.