What happened to the Smartthings Panel?

I don’t know which version this was changed in, but when I accessed the main pull-down menu, SmartThings panel used to have my TV right there, and a simple tap opened further options, and I was then able to access the TV remote control for example.
Now all of a sudden it’s gone, replaced simply by “media” and “devices”. So now you have to tap devices, then you get a list (don’t tap the TV tile here, it will just turn the TV off). Next you have to tap the SmartThings icon at the top right, which opens the home screen. Then tap your TV, and only then can you get the remote up.
So my question is what happened to the original panel? And is there any way to get it back?
I found an article on Samsung site that explained how to enable the panel in SmartThings settings, but that article must be outdated, as the option no longer exists.

Samsung S10+, android 9. SmartThings 1.7.38-21. Samsung smart tv (2018).

I’ve noticed the same thing. anyone have a answer yet. I’d really like to get the smartthings panel back.

Yup, here too.
Having the drag down panel worked really well, my most used devices were right there.
The panel dissappeared and so did the option to bring it back.
At least a widget please devs, but the panel was useful.

Same here, that was one of my favorite features of smart things

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I just got my first Samsung device and I was so excited for this feature, which I had seen on my girlfriends S10 a while back, just to find out they removed it :disappointed:

It’s so clunky to have to open up the whole devices page now, it was a lot better when I was able to control all of my devices from the notification bar.

Agreed, I thought it was so much more convenient to be able to have some control right from the quick actions shade. Now it doesn’t seem much different than just opening up the app like I use to with a non-Samsung phone.

They changed this with android 10. I don’t like the change either.

The SmartThings Panel option is available on my Galaxy S8+ with Android 9, but on my Galaxy Tab 6 with Android 9 doesn’t have the Panel option since the Media and Devices app is installed. I’m pretty sure that’s why the Panel option isn’t available because the Media and Devices app is installed. Because, I copied the Media and Devices app over to my Galaxy S8+ and installed it, and that caused the Panel to break. Once I removed the Media and Devices app from my S8+, the Panel option returned. I sure wish I could remove or disable the Media and Devices app on my Tab S6, but they have it set so that I can’t.