Smartthings panel disappeared

i hope this is the right place to post this
i have galaxy s8 and the galaxy watch
i was used that the smartthings panel was always visible in my phone when i swipe down from the top
but in the last ~2 weeks, my galaxy watch is not begin recognized by the smartthings panel anymore
i noticed that if i try to restart my phone it help for a short while - meaning that i see the smartthings panel with the galaxy watch, but it disappears again after a while
as far as i know, this problem is only with my galaxy watch. if i pair any kind of bluetooth earphones i can see them in the panel, but not my watch
i am aware that maybe this problem is related to the watch, and i will post a same question in the relevant place for the watch

Hi @sharino, this community is for SmartThings - specifically their hub, app and supported devices (and community supported devices); BUT I think I can try to help.

First, do you have the panel set to “Always show”? If not, then that’s why is disappears because it’s empty and it won’t show up - unless your bluetooth device is there. I suspect you don’t have this turn on.

For that same reason, your watch isn’t showing up because it’s having connectivity issues with your phone and dropping. I was having the same problem a few weeks back with my Frontier, but it hasn’t happened again since I restarted the watch. I also had a watch update since then, so I’m not sure if that helped resolve my issues.

Ok thanks, I will try to reset the watch and let you know how it goes

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I think the panel is part of the smarthings app and I think the issue is that the panel has been removed or restricted in functionality in the new version of the app.

You used to be able to pin devices in the panel, now you can only have media and devices shortcuts that take you into another page

Others mentioning it here:

Samsung, please bring back the SmartThings Quick Panel. The Media and Devices menu is useless. This Quick Panel gave you the ability to see weather devices, like Bluetooth Headphones, were paired/connected with a quick glance. Having to scroll through the new humongous icons after clicking Devices makes no sense. I disabled it because I don’t use. I might as well start the SmartThings app.

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Well, I believe that Samsung SmartThings has caused themselves fragmentation when it comes to which Android Notification bar options are available.

On my Galaxy S8+, I have the feature inside the new SmartThings Connect app to add the SmartThings Panel. However, the SmartThings Media and Devices app is not available, but I was able to sideload Media and Devices from my Galaxy Tab S6, except it doesn’t have the option to be shown in the android bar.

On my Galaxy Tab S6, there is no SmartThings Panel option available in the same new SmartThings Connect app. However, SmartThings ‘Media and Devices’ is available and is available in the Android Notification bar, but to me it is worthless.

I prefer the SmartThings Panel over the SmartThings Media and Devices since Media and Devices just eats up a lot of ‘empty’ Android Notification bar space, and besides, all my Media apps show media buttons themselves on the Android Notification bar anyway. And as for the Devices feature of this app goes, well, I like the SmartThings app instead of just having a bunch of my devices listed side by side with no Room separation at all.

Why not just have both options available no matter what Samsung device I am using so I can choose which one I would like to use in the Android Notification bar.

I guess it’s just Samsung being a typical Android manufacturer, fragmentation and confusion to Android users is the norm.

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