SmartThings app TV remote control

On my IPhone, the SmartThings app TV remote control used to work well, but now I can’t use the tactile area (see pic). All others buttons work. Any idea what is going on?

Mine as well

Ditto, iPhone and updated to the latest iOS and ST app yesterday (iOS 13.4.1, ST 1.6.47)

Hey @ArianeArs, @zAlien, and @Briohny.

Thank you all for reaching out for assistance with your concerns, I had escalated this concern for you and requested a solution.

Sorry for the issue you are having using the Smart TV Remote Control, We are aware of the issues with the touch and number pad and a fix is being released to address the IOS issues (Android users are unaffected). I’d highly recommend continuing to check for updates and update when the fix has been released.

I hope this finds you all well!