What Does the Little Blue Icon Overlay on Some of my Device Tiles Indicate in the SmartThings iOS Aapp?

SmartThings Device Icon Overlay

I have 3 hubs/locations and this only appears over a handful of devices in a single location. AFAIK, I’m on the latest hub and device firmware.

Any ideas?

It means ‘sw_updatable’. What that means is another question. I guess it could be software updatable?

Does it mean there is a firmware update available for the device?

When I click on the device, then the ellipsis and then information it shows that the firmware of the device is up to date. I have similar devices on other hubs/locations that don’t show the same icon overlay. It only started happening in the past week and it’s pretty annoying as I don’t know what action to take to clear the icon overlay!

Just for info, in the Client API the device objects have a property named badgeIcons which takes an array. Each object in the array has a property named iconKey and a number of URLs of icons.

My devices either don’t have this array or they have it populated with a single object with the key being sw_updatable. I haven’t had a chance to check which devices have it but the proportions are suggestive of it being mostly my Zigbee devices.

The URLs that are clearly for on/active or off/inactive are the icon in the original post. Those for disabled/offline are a grey version of it.

So that is where I got sw_updatable from.

I do not see any of the icons in my Android apps at present.

UPDATE: I’ve corrected the property names in the first paragraph. Here is what it actually looks like …

"badgeIcons": [
       "coloredIcon": "https://client.smartthings.com/icons/badges/sw_updatable/on",
       "dimmedIcon": "https://client.smartthings.com/icons/badges/sw_updatable/off",
       "activatedIcon": "https://client.smartthings.com/icons/badges/sw_updatable/on",
       "inactivatedIcon": "https://client.smartthings.com/icons/badges/sw_updatable/off",
       "disconnectedIcon": "https://client.smartthings.com/icons/badges/sw_updatable/offline",
       "iconKey": "sw_updatable",
       "lastUpdateDate": "2023-02-21T10:33:54Z"

It would seem that way.

Unless we’re being treated to the ability to update firmware on Z-Wave devices, which I find highly, highly unlikely. :yum:

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Not having any Z-Wave devices did influence my analysis.

I do have a couple of cloud based virtual lights created by the CLI. Those have the firmware update capability.

I am being cautious about leaping to conclusions about ‘sw_updatable’. Why ‘sw’?

Good question! Particularly if it is Device Firmware that’s being updated! :laughing:

For what it is worth, it would appear that the sw_updatable badge icons in the API are only associated with my ZIGBEE devices, but they exclude all my temperature/humidity sensors.

Just to be clear that is in the API, I don’t see any in my Android mobile apps yet.

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Based on other Samsung documentation, I would guess it’s a translation acronym for “software.” I don’t know if it comes from Korean language influence or not, but “Firmware” is often translated as “software” With a distinction between SW and HW. I have specifically seen “firmware“ translated as “protected software“ in technical journals.

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Oh I haven’t really been considering it being anything else other than ‘software’. It was more a question of whether there was any significance to it being ‘sw’ rather than ‘fw’ given that the use of the ‘firmware’ term is well established in SmartThings. If it does indeed have something to do with firmware updates, which seems quite plausible as there have been some moves in that area of late, might it also have a role in other updates that we might indeed tend to call software?

The icon is a widely used ‘U-turn’ sign isn’t it?

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Thanks for the replies and investigations, but I’m still none-the-wiser as to why it’s showing up on only certain devices and only on one of my hubs, or how to clear it. All of the devices that have that icon are also fully up-to-date with the latest firmware.


Not that I’ve seen. :thinking:

A similar symbol, but flipped 180° is used in the US, the UK, and South Korea. But not this one.


South Korea



I notice that my hub running 52.11 has a zigbeeManualFirmwareUpdateSupported setting set to true, whereas my older ones have it set to false. That possibly ties in with the wild speculation narrative. Is there any correlation with the firmware version of your hubs?

It might be that there are still one or two pieces of the jigsaw to come along before it all works properly, whatever ‘it’ turns out to be.

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Didn’t they announce recently that they were changing the default on that? I remember seeing it somewhere.

Hey Graham, good shout! I just checked the Firmware version of all 3 of my hubs and the hub showing the new icons is on 000.052.00011 wheras the other 2 hubs are still on 000.051.00002.

There was certainly a firmware update announcement in the 52.1 firmware notes. That post was revamped a few days ago and it currently says:

  • Automatic device firmware updates for Zigbee and Matter devices will be enabled by default on newly claimed hubs.

So there is clearly some current activity around firmware updates.


It does rather support our being there or thereabouts when it comes to what the blue badge is intended to signify. It just sounds like the blue badge has arrived a bit early in your case.


One more thought. In the Settings in the hub details page you can choose either Automatic or Manual updates for Devices. Does that affect whether you see the badge on the 52.11 hub?

Oh hang on …

SmartThings will let you know when your smart home device is ready for an update or is in process of updating! You’ll see an arrow icon on the device card.

If your device suddenly doesn’t work remotely, please check the device card. If it says ‘Updating’ or so, you’ll be able to control it again after the update is complete!


I just checked all 3 hubs and they are all set to “Don’t Allow” automatic updates.