Symbol on my App for Original Leak Sensors

I noticed recently that I now have a small blue square with a turned up arrow on all of my leak sensors on my application home screen. I am not sure what this is and it has only recently shown up. Any ideas of what this is?

In theory it means either that the firmware on your devices is being updated (if you have selected automatic updates) or that a firmware update is available for you to install (if you have selected manual updates).

Whether it actually means that in practice is another question. It depends on if it is working as intended.


Why would it just show on the leak sensors and none of the other devices? These are original Samsung sensors while everything else are third party devices.

Presumably because they don’t have any firmware updates available for the other devices.

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I have a couple of these sensors too and they did get their firmware updated, so it does indeed seem to work as intended.

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Hey Niels, I’d started another thread on this topic (linked by jkp above). The little blue arrows first appeared on one of my 3 locations, but after a couple of weeks, they appeared on one of my other locations as well. When I look at the device information they each say the firmware is up-to-date, so I don’t seem to have any way of clearing the blue arrows.

One thing we discussed on the other thread was that I have “Device firnware updates” set to “Don’t allow” with my rationale for keeping that setting being that I wanted to be in control of when devices got update (I assumed I would get prompted), however, I’m not wondering if this is the cause of the blue arrows sticking around.

Can I ask you what you have this setting set to? You have to select the SmartThings hub in the app, then clock the elipsis (3 dots), then Settings, then “Device firmware updates”. There’s 3 options to pick from; “Allow”, “Allow except Zigbee light bulbs”, “Don’t allow”.

It would be useful to know which setting you have on your hub (seeing as your icons came and went by themselves),

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I have it set to “Automatic update”.


That screen looks different to mine. Is that in the iOS app, and if so, how do you navigate to that screen?

It’s the Android app.

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I did not have the automatic update on the settings. I have changed it to allow with the exception of the Zigbee lightbulbs. Will the firmware update or do I need to invoke the update manually?