What Does the Little Blue Icon Overlay on Some of my Device Tiles Indicate in the SmartThings iOS Aapp?

Good to know! Thanks @orangebucket :clap: :clap: :clap:

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So that would make sense.

Apparently the new blue arrow icon is there to tell you that an update is available.

It won’t go away until you either manually update the device or switch back to automatic and allow those updates to go through. :thinking:

Personally, I dislike the approach. What if I intentionally want to defer that update for awhile—I just have to live with the arrow until it is updated. Could be annoying.

I prefer the approach used by some other platforms where there is a one line notification telling me that there are some updates available and then if I want I can drill down to see what they are. But I’m sure there will be others who prefer the new SmartThings approach. :man_shrugging:t2:

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The problem is, when I click onto a device with a blue icon and go into the Information page, it shows me that the device firmware is up-to-date! So I don’t think they are showing because an update is available. Or maybe there is, and another bug in the UI is preventing me being able to update the device.

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And I thought the arrow showed lighting groups…Anyway, I saw the same thing as you. So I changed my settings to allow for automatic updates for everything. Then I went into the tile and it gave me the option to update. I did so and the firmware version definitely changed and the blue icon went away. It seems like I’ll have the option to control the updates, so I’ll leave the auto update mode on. Now I need to make sure the light still works…