Devices not found on new hub?

Hello, I was having an issue with my old hub and ST sent me a new one. I’m trying to replace the old hub with the new hub. What I did was delete all smartapps, remove all devices, then delete the hub location. Then I installed the new hub and I’m unable to detect any of the devices. I tried removing the batteries, plugging and unplugging, and pressing the reset buttons on the devices. Nothing is working. I contact ST but I’m sure they won’t respond until at least tomorrow morning. I’m at the hub location right now and was hoping for a quick solution, since I won’t be here for another week. Also I tried to get the old hub to connect back to the devices with no avail. Any help is appreciated.

You now need to manually exclude each zwave device before including it to your new hub. Zigbee devices can just be reset before including them.

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Thank you for the reply, so I need to re-add the old hub and then exclude devices?

You can Exclude from the new hub. See step nine in the migration instructions.

No you can exclude them with the new hub. Think of the exclusion as erasing the memory on the device.

I dont see the exclusion process for devices anywhere. I tried hitting the reset buttons during exclusion and removing and replacing the batteries, but still no luck.

You’ll find the general exclude option by going into the phone app, then go to My Locations. Select your hub and then zwave utilities.

I highly recommend doing a search in the Community. There are tons of discussions with instructions on how to exclude devices.

I’ve looked but I must be searching the wrong thing. What needs to be done to exclude the door/window sensors? Or motion? Also I looked at my ge outlet and it says to look at what my zwave controller says. And guess what the hub says to do…

The general process will be the same with each device but there are some details that can be different for each device, so you are going to have to get the manual for each device to find those specific instructions. The smartthings website has a lot of the manuals posted there so you may be able to find some of the things there. ( look for instructions on how to “reset” the device for your specific model.) But it’s not a universal method. So the instructions for one brand of motion sensor may be different than the instructions for another brand of motion sensor.

The general process will be:

  1. you will put the individual device into listening mode. This is usually just a button press, but there are variations.

  2. you will follow the instructions at the link I posted previously in step nine to do a “general exclude” which sends a command from the smartthings hub to any Z wave device nearby which is in listening mode and says “OK, a erase your previous controller ID so that you will be ready to join a new network.”

  3. now you will have to physically do something with the device so that it will accept that instruction from the hub. This is usually a button press. But it could be something else. And just as an example, there are two light switches that look almost exactly alike, and on one of them you have to toggle One time and on the other one you have to toggle three times.

After you have completed this 3 step process for the device, then you’ll be able to add that device like it was a brand-new just purchased item.

So you just have to do this three-step process for each zwave device that you have, and steps one and three may be different for different devices. There’s no way around looking it up.

What the device manuals are telling you when they say “follow the instructions for your controller” is what is in step two. And again, the exact instructions for SmartThings for that step are at the link I already posted. That’s going to be the same for each device because it’s always the smartthings hub issuing that instruction.

So the device manual is going to tell you what to do for step one and step three. The smartthings support instructions at the link I already posted I going to tell you what to do for step two. And you have to do all three steps in order for each device that you want to exclude.

If you’re stuck on any one device get in touch with support and this they should be able to help you.

Thank you for the detailed response. For the battery operated sensors I was able to get them to work by removing the battery, then replace the battery while holding the reset button. After that I hit the reset button 2 more times and the LED began to flash blue. Then the device was showing up under “connect new device”. Note I never had success with exclusion process. However I am still stuck on the GE outlet and the ST outlet. I tried the same technique with no luck. My only issue at this point is finding what physical thing I need to do to the outlets.

Try looking here:

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I found the exclusion directions to the outlets. However it only worked on the ST outlet. I followed the instructions on the GE module and I was given a message that said “unknown device excluded” and given the options “cancel” and “try again”. I wasn’t able to try it again, since I wasn’t the one at the hub location. I will attempt it again when I get a chance.

“Unknown device excluded” is the message you want to get – that means it worked. The reason the device is unknown is that it was connected to the previous hub, so the new hub doesn’t know about it. You should be able to join the GE module now.

Unfortunately the devices use two different protocols that have different reset procedures. The ST outlet is ZigBee so it doesn’t need to be excluded by a hub, it just gets reset when you hold the button when plugging it in. The GE module is Z-Wave (classic, not plus) so it needs Z-Wave exclude.

Hey Duncan,
I thought it would work, but I’m unable to find it on the new hub. After excluding my only 2 options were “cancel” or “try again” which lead me to believe something went wrong.