WHAT?! All Devices GONE (except bluetooth) ARGH!

Got an alert from my security system today while away and decided to check my front door status and some other devices (all was okay in the end, but…) When I loaded the Smartthings app on my phone (not Classic which I uninstalled a while back) and was presented with JUST those items I’ve connected to via bluetooth like my bluetooth speakers, Alexa devices, etc. NO Smartthings devices, Lutron devices, no Zigby, no Z-wave…

Ugh. These took forever to get right and they’ve been working fine in Classic forever and in the new one for months. I didn’t do anything. Everything still appears in the web interface.

What the heck happened and how do I get them back?


Login to https://account.smartthings.com and explore My Locations / My Devices etc.

Beware if you have more than one login (SmartThings Account vs Samsung Account) the destination may differ.

Support@SmartThings.com can help.

Thanks. That’s what I meant by “web interface”. I should have been more clear. I see all my devices at account.smartthings.com.

I decided to go back to Classic but now I can’t even get that to work. It claims my password is wrong (which it isn’t) and if I do a password reset it takes you to a page to reset it that demands you provide the OLD PASSWORD! Amazing.

BTW thanks for ActionTiles (I’m a customer).

I’ll have to call Samsung when I’m back home.

Thanks for being an ActionTiles customer … is AT still working with all your Things?

This definitely makes me suspect a problem with SmartThings Account merge/migration to Samsung Account

I’m trying to recall if there is any simple solution … e.g., login to a Samsung page somewhere, instead of SmartThings’s page.

But best I can recall is that Support is able to sort things out, though even after they trigger the fix, it can take a while before the merge or migration is complete.

Good-luck! :four_leaf_clover:

I’ve heard you get a new location from the migration process, you should be able to switch between the 2.