All devices gone, list empty after user logs back in

After last week’s service glitch - Issues controlling devices, loading SmartThings Classic App - our 2nd user (an “invited” user, not the “owner”) had to log back in to the Classic app. Everything is gone. His list of devices is empty. He’s logging in with his Samsung account, which I think he has been using for some time. FYI the “owner”, me, still sees everything just fine.

Here are the things I’ve tried without success:

  1. Delete him and add him back. The “Manage users” page lets me try to delete him, but fails without an error. His name remains in the list.
  2. Invite him again. When he gets the invitation email and clicks the link, nothing changes in the app.
  3. Reboot the hub, remove and reinstall the mobile app, and all the usual voodoo.

Thank you for any suggestions!


When they login to the classic app, go to home location and switch to the other home location in case there are two. If there are two locations, let us know and we can provide instructions on removing the empty one. You can also login to IDE at go to my locations to check if there are two locations.

The IDE shows only a single location. But thank you for the suggestion.

  1. Does this sound like a “contact support” issue?
  2. Could this be an issue of which account (SmartThings or Samsung) the user is logging in with? He created his newer Samsung account using the same email (naturally) and exact same password as his older SmartThings account, so I don’t know how the system tells them apart.



Have them logout off of the classic app, then login as new user and select Samsung account to login. If that doe not resolve the issue, contact ST support at

@jkp I just want to let you know that your initial hunch was correct. Although I only see 1 Location online in the IDE, there were 2 “Home” locations showing up in the affected user’s mobile app. As soon as he selected the other one, all our devices appeared as expected. Confusing and unintuitive, but at least it’s a simple fix! Thanks so much for helping us to resolve this. All the best, -Doug

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