What actually happens when IDE`s swap

Most of us understand a move of IDE`s is on going but what exactly is moved ?? and can it be done manually ?? once moved either by banner or if possible manually, can the Smartthings original IDE be deleted ??

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I’m confused. My understanding is that the IDE doesn’t change, it’s the same one as always, which is one of the ways people have been causing problems for themselves. They try the new app, don’t like it, try to remove something, and it ends up removing it for the account, not just that app.

Instead, it’s your account that is migrated from a SmartThings login to a Samsung login. And new locations that are created.

But not a different IDE.

@WB70 or one of the other people who went through the beta might be able to say more.

There are 3 separate, but related, migrations happening now or in the future:

  1. Account migrations. This is migrating SmartThings accounts to Samsung accounts. Primarily relates to the mechanism used to authenticate who you are and how you sign in. All background data stays the same. Currently ongoing.

  2. App migration. New app is being enhanced for an eventual sunset of the classic app. Ongoing, but no timeline on when the Classic app will be sunset.

  3. Developer tool migration. This is basically moving from the current web ide to the new one at https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/ and all of its new REST API “stuff” (can you tell i’m a functional person and not a developer or database architect? :slight_smile: ). New dev tools are still in beta, so nobody is being forced to move their apps and device handlers to the new one yet.

1 and 2 are ongoing. I think 3 is happening too? Smart Locks in the Classic app uses the new API as does SHM in the new app. Please someone from SmartThings correct me if I haven’t summed this up correctly.


My understanding was there is or will be two IDE’s. A Samsung IDE and a Smartthings IDE, i obviously wrongly thought if you had been using a smartthings login and added smartapps, Device type handlers and devices to your smartthings IDE the migration would move all that from a Smartthings IDE to a Samsung IDE

I have both accounts and am more than happy to move everything from Smartthings IDE to my ( according to st support ) my primary account which is Samsung. To me that was a migration

Guess not then

I think you are mixing together the account migration and the IDE migration. Account migrations will occur and all that will change is the account you use to login. Everything else will remain the same right now.

The process of the account migration (Beta and the ongoing live migrations) was simply to move all your ST information from a SmartThings account over to a Samsung account. (Forget that the new application exists for a moment). After you migrate everything over to your new/existing (for some) account, you still login to the IDE the same exact way at https://account.smartthings.com.

Nothing changes other than the account pointer to Samsung versus SmartThings. That’s all, period.

You login to the IDE and SmartThings Classic Mobile app with your NOW Samsung account and everything related to your data is exactly the same. Done.

Now we introduce the NEW Application (SmartThings - Samsung Connect) to you. If you migrated your accounts as specified above, then you have the ability to login to the NEW app (you can’t login with ST account). There are some people who have both a ST and a Samsung and in that Samsung account they may have a TV or Washer or dryer and they can login to the NEW app with their existing Samsung account and only see those few devices. These are people who have had their Samsung account for a while. Then there are other new folks who purchased the Samsung Connect Pro and had to use the NEW app to configure the router. These folks may be solely using the Samsung Connect app. I’m not going to get into the latter two scenarios though as that complicates things more as different things have to merge into one place from two.

As for testing alongside @prjct92eh2 between IOS and Android differences in the app to see the similarities and at the same time, progress being made, the determination of the shared IDE is assumed because of behavior and visibility of what the NEW App contains. For example:

I turned off the Location Service in the NEW Samsung app and when I did that, my mobile phone from the existing IDE was deleted. I added my mobile phone back in and reset my Location from the SmartThings Classic app and then turned Location service back on in the NEW app with no adverse reaction.

As for Automations (this consists of Routines and Scenes and SmartApps), they are all consolidated under the Automations tab/button.

I agree with Jimmy that there is a different holding tank (whether this is being stored with the new API or not, not sure) for certain things. SHM has to be added manually to show up in Active Automations. All other SmartApps, custom and SmartThings (Smart Lighting) exist in the NEW App just as they do in SmartThings Classic as an exact copy. If you make changes in SmartThibgs Classic, they are then reflective in the NEW app, another reason we believe they are sharing the same IDE for a lot of things based on testing and visual indicators.

Will they move everything into its own container or will they use a portion of the same IDE and move that into the equivalent web login for your Samsung account (https://account.samsung.com). I have no idea and will not speculate the next move or where things are heading.

Bottom line is that the first phase of this is to get rid of ALL SmartThings account and have everyone holding a Samsung account only. With this, nothing changes about where you see your information stored in SmartThings Classic or the current IDE.

From what some of us who are testing see, logging into both Samsung Connect and SmartThings Classic apps, it’s just two apps being accessed with the same account and the Samsung Connect app is incomplete, so if anyone that doesnt have to use it or those exploring and don’t know the ramifications of having something negative happen that impacts your current environment, you should just leave it alone. It is missing a lot of stuff and some things that they have done are better than the current app (such as Automations for gps presence and being able to say one person or all person’s devices are Present or Not Present). We do see some things that indicate that they aren’t sharing the same IDE for and again whether everything moves into another container or not in the end, remains to be seen. All custom SmartApps show in the NEW app that you created/installed in the current IDE. You cannot add anything new yet (custom) and from my testing most of these SmartApps are either functional or accessible in Samsung Connect with the exception of NST Manager. That’s another question in another topic as to why this custom SmartApp does not have enable/disable functions and why it can’t be opened.

Account migration is the first process in aligning everyone, that’s it period.

The new app and what’s to come and what happens to your orignal settings in IDE and when ST Classic is deprecated is way down the road and we don’t have answers to them. You can’t change anything and when the new app is complete, we will know what those next steps or procedures are. For now it’s business as usual, even after you move your stuff from an ST to Samsung account (for scenario 1).

Sorry for the repetitive statements. Just trying to say some of this in different ways so that more people are clear amd understand things in that the Account Migration has nothing to do with the new app (yes it gets you access to login to the new app), but it does nothing to change your current setup in Classic and IDE (minus the nuance issues with migrating, if any).

The way that they went about this whole thing, I understand is totally confusing and in most customers eyes, backasswards. But it is what it is and in keeping things as simple as we can, be concerned only with the account migration only for now. I have a feeling they are migrating about 5 people at a time and trying to keep things behind closed doors, rather than being transparent to all of us here in the community.

My assumption is they are trying to figure out all the nuance items I posted 50 times about over the last week which I get because they don’t want widespread panic but at the same time, the hush hush from nobody posting about their migration results (trust me, people would be posting about it, positive or negative). After Ryan migrated, we have heard nothing. That doesn’t happen out here in the community, unless they have handpicked a very few people to migrate and test with. Just my observation and opinion.


WB i am going to sit at my Pc to read that lot, wholly shmolly thats alot to take in… tbh i prefer to read that than watch Emerdale…
I was kind of correct then, if i take my smartapps and Device handlers and add them to my Samsung account my migration is done ( for now ), devices are already visible in the Samsung account
As i already have a Samsung account i can already login to both apps using Samsung
Connect is pre installed for me as part of the phone O/s and i have been using it since day one, the good old days when it even found printers ( which it dosent anymore ) and 2017 Tv`s ( <— caution with Tv comments )
I would end up with 2 IDE accounts both the same, but access only the Samsung account going forward as that is how i will sign in using classic and or connect, basicaly forget the old Smartthings account exists as in time it will simply get deleted ( one way or another )


Because you have an existing Samsung account and SmartThings account, I guess if you want to manually create/install all of the same existing SmartApps/Device Handlers, Routines, Smart Lighting rules, etc, I guess you could do that. However, without going through the official migration plan, ST to Samsung, I’m not sure if you will be missing something pertinent from your ST Account. If you aren’t using the SmartThings account and all of your devices are present in your Samsung account (account, not the new app) and you have been using the Samsung account to solely login to your IDE and ST Classic then you could probably go the route of manually doing everything in your Samsung account and doing it only from the current IDE and ST Classic that would ultimately eliminate the need for you to migrate and let that ST account die. However, I’m not advising that. This will put you into your own bucket and potentially create a different scenario of problems for you in which you will need to go directly to support should you encounter any problems. You will be a fish in your own pond is all I’m saying. :slight_smile:

@fido how many Hubs and locations do you have?

13 DHs and 20 SmartApps.... easily do-able :grin: only down side i cant login to both iDEs at the same time which would have made life simpler with twin screens
at best there wont be an issue, at worst my Mrs moans lights dont work
Heck i never been one to wait

one and one Jimmy

Pros and cons to both.

They say patience is a virtue, but that isn’t always true.

They also say curiousity killed the cat which isn’t true. The truck did! :smile:

Then you don’t have to do anything. When your account gets migrated, it will all be done for you. The only way to force a Samsung account is to blow the whole thing away and start from scratch. And even then you may need to use a separate email address.

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He doesn’t want to wait :grin:

Mike wants to learn the hard way.

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Like i have not heard that before… NOW i know why my kids are so stupid :slight_smile: been blaming the Mrs for years

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In line with the avatar you use.

We thought you could teach an old dog new tricks. :smiley:

In all seriousness along with what both Jimmy and myself have said.

Just wait for the migration banner.

You have two choices. Create a new Samsung account (different email address than you are using with your existing Samsung Account) or use that existing Samsung account to migrate to and all of your ST stuff will merge into that account (location)

Now whether you end up with two Home Locations where devices for the existing Samsung account end up crossed up in both, I am sure that support will be able to handle that and what procedure to perform to correct any nuances. There were people in the beta who experienced similar stuff but they were corrected without losing anything.

I figured out how to solve that DIY :slight_smile:

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which … lets face it, IS the migration in a nutshell
Forget the apps, everyone, old and new will eventually login to a Samsung app with a Samsung IDE, makes complete sense, I dont see ( or i dont know as i deleted a ghost location a few days ago ) two locations in connect so moving a few bits over to complete the automated process will be fine… its not like i am deleting the original St IDE… yet :slight_smile:

The whole point I’m trying to convey to him is that if he simply waits and goes with the mainstream, and knowing all of the scenarios that people experienced through the migration beta, we in the community can more than likely help him out should he run into any issues or complications from migrating, versus him going down his own path and trying to force things into his existing Samsung account and bypassing the migration process. With the latter, he is completely on his own and will need to rely on support only to fix him because he went about it his own way. :grinning:

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