...where did Samsung (the IDE) go?

I must be having a total brain fart. I can’t for the life of me find the SmartThings hub login. I’m looking for the site that I could add device controllers, rename devices, etc., None of this new “beta”

stuff pictured here…

What am I missing?

They moved it. Try http://ide.smartthings.com

Be sure to read the announcement below if you haven’t been paying attention to recent news:

Thank you so much

Now, how do I make this thread “resolved” :slight_smile: **

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Great. “You don’t have a hub registered. Claim it in the app.” Looks like I have some playing around to do. It was ALL here a few months ago insert shrug, here

Go to Locations first, click on your location, then you can get to all your stuff. It’s annoying.

Samsung: “Hey, lets make things needlessly complicated!”

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You might’ve missed the edit to my first post where I added a link to another topic, but these changes seem to be part of the preparation for the Groovy sunset. The Groovy IDE will probably be useless by mid October.