WFH "I'm on a conference call" light?

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My wife asked if I could rig up some sort of light that she could turn on when on a conference call so the kids don’t come bursting in. Ideally I’d love some sort of wireless/rechargeable puck light that I could stick on the wall that isn’t permanent. Any ideas?


Several people have been discussing these lately, for obvious reasons. See the following thread. The use case there is for something to indicate that the security system is armed, but it’s very similar:

Status Indicator Light

By far the easiest is probably to get a plug-in LED strip, and that way you can change it to different colors for different notifications. So red for “don’t come in I’m on a conference call,” yellow for “I’m working, but come in if you really need me“, etc. :sunglasses:


The Sylvania strip works directly with smartthings. The hue strip should be used with a Hue bridge.

Either of those will be easy to set up and use and also work well with voice assistants.


I have a simple color rock salt lamp plugged into a smartthings zigee outlet in the hall that I can either be turn on from smartthings or Alexa to to let everyone know I am on a call. Simple solution not very fancy but easy. I also have a led strip to signal the alarm is on. Wish there was a battery puck but alas I have not come across any.


As already mentioned the simplest option is to have a normal light plugged in to a smart socket which can be turned on or off via a smart home system or assistant like Alexa or Siri. To make things a bit more suitable you could get a dumb ‘On-Air’ light and control it via either a smart plug or smart light switch.

I did find the following YouTube link which automates it by detecting an active Internet stream but this may only be suitable for people dong streaming rather than video conferencing calls. You will have to investigate to see if it is is suitable for your requirement.

I also found the following ‘proper’ On-Air light which includes an RF remote control.

Genius! Yesterday my husband (minutes from presenting to 80 colleagues) ran out of his home office and down the stairs to tell us to be “really quiet” for the next half hour.

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Just wanted to mention another device which is now my favorite for this particular use case.

It’s a small tower table lamp, intended as a nightlight, with RGBW options. it has a press button on top for manual control. or you can control it with a voice assistant or through a SmartThings integration. No custom code needed. And right now it’s on sale for $31. Put it on a small table outside the meeting room, and you’re all set. :sunglasses:

Also available in the UK.

This is from Meross, it’s well engineered with good safety features. And also works with HomeKit.

We have two of these and really like them for notifications. :sunglasses:

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June 2021 Update:

Zoom now works with IFTTT, which makes integration with ST very easy if you have an IFTTT account. :sunglasses:

Zoom now added to IFTTT

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