RGB Lights for different scenarios?

hey guys, was wondering if there is a zwave, zigbee, or (even better) wifi light that can be setup with smartthings to display different colors depending on different situations. For example, if past midnight and one of the doors is left open, it will be blue. But if alarm is ringing, it will be red. etc etc . this would be totally awesome, thanks!

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re asking. Any color changing bulb that can be controlled by smartthings can be set to change its color based on events that smartthings can recognize.

So let’s back up a minute.

First, do you have a SmartThings hub, and if so, which one? The Samsung smartthings hub, the Nvidia shield link, the ADT/smartthings security panel, or? The notification options vary slightly between these models, which is why we need to know.

Next, as far as color changing lightbulbs, if you want Wi-Fi you can get LIFX, although there are some reasons not to choose Wi-Fi, the most obvious being that you are going to hit the limit for total devices much sooner than with the other protocols.

If you use the hue bridge, you can use any color changing bulb that works with that. Or if you don’t want to use the hue bridge, you can use the Sylvania lightify bulbs (zigbee), Sengled Element (zigbee) or the Aeotec (zwave).

Once you’ve selected the bulb, you can just use the official smartlights feature to set the color in response to many kinds of events, or you can use routines if that fits the situation better.

For example, at my house when I myself come through the front gate, A light strip in my housemate’s room turns light blue. When I come through the front door, the light turns off again. That way if I get stuck in the yard (I use a wheelchair) The light will stay blue and he will realize it and come help me.

But people use colored lighting for all kinds of notifications, from the laundry being done to the mail having arrived, etc. as long as smartthings has a way of knowing that the event has occurred, you can set the bulb color to change. :sunglasses:

Also, if you want a plug-in nightlight type device just for color notifications, there are two that work well with SmartThings.

The Homeseer HSM 200 has a built-in motion and temperature sensor and can display any of 8 colors. This is a Z wave device.


I personally use the Leeo, which has an RGBW glow ring so you get the usual “thousands of colors.” Although this is intended to listen to nonnetworked smoke or leak alarms, and you can also just be used as a color light notification. It doesn’t connect to SmartThings directly, but it’s a Wi-Fi device that has its own IFTTT Channel, so you can get good integration that way. The retail price is $49, but it is often on sale for somewhat less.



There are other options as well, of course. :sunglasses:

Wow, thank you for the prompt and full response. You’re an amazing asset to this community.

I have a hub v2. I kind of just wanted an easy solution (no programming ) for this light to show different colors to represent different events within smartthings.

Assuming i am wireless protocol indifferent/agnostic (wifi, zigb, zwave, …), what is simply the easiest/cheapest light to do this? I know how to install “device handlers”, but only if i can copy/paste the text. I am not looking for infinite colors, but rather just 3-4. I am in 220v area, with a US-version of the hub - ideally the device is 110-220v compatible (which many devices are, but not directly fitted light bulbs). Much thanks !!!

The easiest will be LIFX. These use Wi-Fi. The color bulbs (but not the white) are self adapting to either 110 or 220 voltage.

You won’t require custom code or a bridge device. And they are officially supported. :sunglasses:

These are not the least expensive, but they will be the easiest for your situation.

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Thank you so much !!! would you share the same opinion on their strip light, as i was looking for a strip light

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You have a US hub and 220 V mains, am I remembering correctly? (This is a common set up in South America and some parts of Asia.)

I don’t know anything about the LIFX LED strip product, I would just check the reviews.

Osram Lightify also makes RGB LED strips for 220 V Which can work directly with SmartThings and do not need their Gateway. So that might be less expensive if you can find them.