Zoom now added to IFTTT

Ok, this is both fun and useful if you have an IFTTT account. :sunglasses:

Remember all those Work From Home “notify my family if I’m on a call” projects from last year? Zoom just made things WAY easier my adding an IFTTT service. Among their suggestions: set a hue scene, pause the roomba when a zoom meeting starts. And since SmartThings already has an IFTTT service, integration is easy.

And if you want to turn on a color-changing light, my personal favorite is still the Meross WiFi touch lamp. Available in both the US and UK. Lists for $39.99 but look for coupons in the Amazon product description as it’s often on sale. Works with SmartThings, IFTTT, HomeKit, Alexa, Google Home. Touch once to turn on, twice to turn off.



I forgot to mention that IFTTT does now require a subscription fee, but if your zoom meetings are for work maybe you can get your employer to pay for your IFTTT subscription as part of your WFH costs. :wink: