How to turn Hue light red for notification? Other good alert devices?

My wife and I work from home (constantly on conference calls). I am trying to come up with a notification solution when I need her to IM/Contact me or visa versa. Texting and IMing haven’t worked for us since we’re often sharing our screens with whomever we’re speaking to. I am wondering if there is a desktop module (not lamp, no room) or wall stickie light that I can change colors. I think for me it will be easy because I have color Hue Lights in my office and i can devise some way to turn one red. Any ideas on how I might solve this puzzle?

Turning the hue lights to a different color is easy, you can do that with the official smart lighting feature in the SmartThings app. :sunglasses:

As for what device to use in your wife’s room, we have a similar situation at our house between me and my housemate. Our problem is that when he’s playing video games he doesn’t answer his phone so texts don’t work either.

We just put a Hue light strip on the cabinet near his TV and turn it blue. It gets his attention, but it doesn’t interfere with whatever else he’s doing.


It’s not the least expensive solution, but it’s fast, easy, reliable, and works well.

That’s not a bad idea. I have a Hue Strip I use over my mantle. Hummm… (gears turning in my head).


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Do you have an echo device? If so, the echo buttons are very inexpensive button that you can combine with an echo routine (not a smartthings routine) to give you a quick way to turn the indicator light on in the other room.

These are two for $20 in the US, two for £20 in the UK.

You can’t easily make the echo button’s light come on yourself, so you still need the Hue device as well. But once you trigger on the echo routine you can have that turn on the Hue bulb. So the button is just a fast way to make that happen.

How to create an echo routine:

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Thats a cool and inexpensive idea. I’ll let you know when done. Thanks.

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