Light strips suggestions

I want to get some light strips for the my home. I would like to be able to turn on/off, change color, and maybe trigger light effects. For example, have the strips change color, flash in a pattern, or a party like mode.

I am looking at: with bridge

Would any of these work for what I want to do? Are there any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

These work well too and integrate nicely with smartthings. I don’t think you can use the expansion pack you linked to without having the main light strip first.

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These may not have direct integration with smartthings but claims to work with Alexa, google, and IFTTT so they will probably do what you want.

Keep in mind that these are Analog strips. Which means they are all one color at a time. The whole strip is set rather than individual LEDs. For that type of effect you digital or individually addressable LEDs. Unfortunately, I’ve not found a good way to integrate individually addressable LEDs with ST yet. I have several set up using DIYHue, which is a hue emulator. There’s a post on the forum here about using it. The nice part is, it also accommodates wifi bulbs and can integrate with ST.