Were servers offline this morning? And an app request

Was there something wrong with the servers this morning?

5:22am EST it went offline. I know because my phone beeped a loud alert and I checked it. 6:44 it returned. 7:12am it went offline again, back at 7:24. Around 5:25 I confirmed that various websites and other tools could, in fact, make connections to various internet services. What’s going on?

I really didn’t need my devices squawking out an alert at crack of dawn. Could we please have a setting for dormancy timeframes? Yeah, there’s various schemes for doing this on the devices themselves, but it’d be nice to have a home automation system be able to handle this on it’s own.

I’m fine with getting alerts, just not one that wakes everyone up for no particularly good reason.

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Yeah my phone notifications at 530 this morning spamming me my hub was offline, then back online, and then offline, and then online as well. wtf?

Good, not just me then. Was it regional or carrier related? I’m outside DC, using Verizon FIOS for Internet services.

there is a few threads on it i found. looks like a ST issue that affected some users. Looks like its all set now.

Yes, there was an outage that affected many people. Check here for status, or better yet, tap the SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES button to be notified.

That might explain why my " off at sunrise " lights were still on this morning.