Sudden spike in Hubs going offline?

Has anyone been seeing any spikes in their hub going offline today (8/5/2018) - especially here in the UK?

Yes i have my hub keeps going on and offline repeatedly

Yes me too. All this evening

You guys should report this to support, if you haven’t already.

We are actively working to address this issue.

This seems to be an issue with notifications and not with Hubs going offline but I will update as more information is available.

The elevated number of Hub offline notifications were sent as a result of a code change which was rolled back this afternoon. The issue was only related to notifications and not an increase in disconnected Hubs.


Well 3 hours later…friend just told me his ‘went off line’. And about 10mins later I got the same notification. Just fyi

I have hubs in two states and they went offline 10 mins apart.

Now my hubs are said to be online but all devices are unavailable.

My hub just disconnected for no apparent reason. Now, my Sengled bulbs don’t respond and can’t be found, even if I reboot the bulbs. Loved the setup until now.

Mine went offline for about 11 minutes approximately 30 minutes back.

Mine went offline at 10pm yesterday

I thought it was an firmware update

After that, the app was working but some sensors were offline or displaying a bad status

My hub went offline on Wednesday morning sometime, probably right around 1 or 1:30 AM. I’ve been getting repeated “hub is offline” notifications as well, and although my SmartThings app still appears to have a good connection to the hub, automations are not working(most notably my thermostat automations), and some devices don’t appear to be getting updated(locked/unlocked) or function with manual triggering via the SmartThings app.

I’ve already submitted a support ticket. The notifications are coming about every half hour, and have been very consistently doing so since the beginning of the issue.

I’m in Alaska.

To my knowledge, my home has not experienced any power or network outages. My hub and devices have a good battery, so even a power outage doesn’t normally bother anything. Also, I’ve experienced many network outages here in the past, and typically that doesn’t bother anything either, although I’ve not noted any within the last few days.

I’ve been so busy I have not had a chance to look into this. My hub goes off at least 10 times a day. It has been at least 2 weeks. Haven’t been around enough at the house to bother, but it is really getting annoying. I’ve had my hub since day 1 and this is the only time I’ve ever had issues. I’ve even thought of looking into another brand. Please correct this issue.

Last night (12:48 AM PT), hub went offline and when it came back, reported that Arrival sensor is nearby, so activated “I’m back” and unlocked my front Security door.
My wife is freaking out, when sleeping and the front door unlocks by itself.

If your hub is going offline at least 10 times a day, your hub is physical broken or your Internet connection is… garbage.

Obviously it’s not normal for the hub to go offline 10 times a day.

Last night it happened again, 4 minutes earlier, at 12:44 AM.
I have to investigate my router/media bridge. It maybe losing internet connection.
What I don’t understand, why it triggers the arrival sensor(I’m back).

OK, I had the hub connected, to an Asus RT-AC68, set to be a Media Bridge. Here I had the disconnects.
Since than I have moved the hub to the main router and the disconnects have stopped.
The media bridge, was not loosing internet connection, though. I don’t know, why the hub did not like to be connected to the media bridge.