Suddenly Lots of Things Going Offline: Service Issue? (24 Feb 2024)

Hello everyone. Anyone else having a bunch of devices suddenly going offline for no reason today (Saturday February 24, about 8.45PM PST?) I had 1 go offline, then 14 and it keeps changing. Nothing has changed in my house, no network issues or anything.

This happened to me twice in the last 6 months but it all came back online after some time. The hub would show online but no events get triggered from the Zigbee devices if this the problem you are facing too. Bit weird I know…

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Yes i had 2 devices go offline, then reset. Then a couple more. Then rest. Now I have 7 devices that are offline. They will come back online after resting my hub, router, modem and switch but then kick back off in a half a day or less. My door lock keeps going offline then back on randomly.