Help! Wemo Switch and Motion sensors

Hi All, I’ve been reading in a lot about the Smartthigs lab which will able to make Wemo Switches work with Smarttings however I could not find any way to get the Lab function work on my v2 and is their any difference from an US version and an UK version?

I recommend ignoring the SmartThings lab section and just using IFTTT.

Finally I got it running, able to see and add those WeMo stuffs in, some of the devices seems not updating the status like the devise is ON but the app didn’t show is ON however it will still work when I press the ON/OFF button.

If you did the SmartThings Wemo integration don’t be surprised if in 1 month it completely stops responding… IFTTT keeps on going.

What could be the cause?

If I had access to SmartThings servers I’d love to tell you. :wink:

All I can say is that myself and many other unfortunate Wemo owners experience the same thing. Something breaks between the two clouds in a few weeks to a month.

Been there done that about 3 times. It works great for about a month and then it dies again.

Yea I’ve heard that from a lot of people, that’s why I’ve stuck to IFTTT.