Wemo vs GE light switch

Hello, I currently do not have smartthings hub. I’m waiting on V2 but I was gonna start switching light switches out till the new hub comes. I was wondering which light switch I should use wemo (so I can use them now) or the GE ones that smartthings sell? Could someone give me the pro and cons of each?


I would go GE or Linear. From what I’ve read on the forums here the wemo switches don’t work too well with ST.

Could you link the other ones please. Thanks for the info!

There are many threads on Wemo, and I haven’t seen anything that is really that positive. The search function works really well for these forums. If you type wemo in the search it will return all sorts of threads. You will find that while there are many threads discussing wemo problems, many of which end in “I’ve decided to go back to using the wemo app.” A similar search for GE switches will reveal that while there are a few issues with the GE switches but they are usually easily rectified. You’ll also see several users have many GE devices with no problems.

I can confirm along with other members that Wemo’s do not reliably work with the system, perhaps that will improve but I would recommend using something z-wave / zigbee for as much as you can.

Both are pretty safe if you choose to jump ship to another platform as well, although it looks like this is the only boat that is “openish”.

All my wemo’s are gathering dust and I didn’t even bother repurposing them.

It’s a shame because one of my purchase justifications for ST was integration of my two existing Wemo’s.

I was all very new to ST when I got those and didn’t even know that SmartThings existed.

Yea I got them last year for Christmas and was disappointed with the lack of conditional controls. That’s when I did some digging and found ST. I saw the Wemo integration appear and thought that at least it wasn’t a total loss. At least they can turn things on and off on a schedule. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is not a joke. My mother in law visited me from India for 2 months. I didn’t want her to fall or go sliding down the stairs (or did I ;)) at night on her way to the bathroom thru the hallway (split level house). So, I just amazoned and SmartThings came up with its cool factor. So, got the hub, motion sensor and a GE plug in outlet which would turn on when she had to go “go” at night. She was so impressed that she gifted me some dough to get a few more.

That’s how my journey started and now well, 60 plus devices.

You can use ifttt with wemo and set up rules that work. In regards to the ge switches do your research as I bought 3 from St and had to return them as they are not compatible with CFL, fluorescent, or led lights only old incandescent light bulbs, so makes them obsolete. Hopefully st is listening to its customers and fixes integration issues, soon

Doing some reading, don’t think any of these will work for me since I have a older house. Pretty sure I don’t have a netural wire in my light switches

Mine were all wire nutted together in the gangbox. I’m pretty sure you have to have one, it’s just a question of whether the person before you left it long enough to take out of the wire nut and put into the module.

Sounds alittle tougth

I learned from electrically inclined friends / family members. If you have it open just see if there’s a twisted gob of white wires in a wire nut. With the breaker switched off obviously. I invested in a Fluke Non-Contact Voltage Tester to see if things will zap me. It’s pretty idiot proof.

Come on @smart you were half tempted to leave the night light on and have it turn off when it detected motion went you? :wink:

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I started off with Wemo’s before I got ST and I can confirm they never worked reliably. I swapped them out for GE zwave and sold my Wemo’s on eBay and haven’t looked back since. I had issues with the Wemo’s in the native app as well where it would lose connectivity as I have a complex wireless network at home.

St sells switches that don’t work for led, fluorescent or cfls only the obsolete incandescent look elsewhere or stick with wemo and native wemo app works 100% but st does not work with a lot of devices