Help with Wemo

I am a ST noob and I am having trouble with my wemo devices. The main issue and most annoying is that ST finds all but 1 light switch. I have 3 wemo switches (plugs) and 2 light switches. It is only finding 1 light switch. Any help is greatly appreciated.


for the most part I find that wemo sucks with using it with smartthings. I have several switches as well as light switches, and almost always at least 1 shows offline in smartthing but are fine in the wemo app.

I use IFTTT. It’s the only thing that seems to make them reliable with ST.

I created 1 virtual switch for each wemo. Then I create 4 rules in IFTTT per wemo. If you don’t know how to create a virtual switch look it up. Simulated Switch also works nicely.

ST virtual switch on -> IFTTT -> Wemo Switch on
ST virtual switch off -> IFTTT -> Wemo Switch off
Wemo Switch on -> IFTTT -> ST virtual switch on
Wemo Switch off -> IFTTT -> ST virtual switch off

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I am surprised that ST has not fixed or removed the Wemo (Connect) . It didn’t work last year when I first tried it and, as far as I know, has seen no improvements since then. On my Android device(s), I ended up using a app called WemoServer by MikeP. I create ST virtual devices that call an app I wrote which calls the WemoServer. Very fast and reliable but only works under Android .

What kind of the lag we talking about using this setup?

It’s totally acceptable for most situations. It’s like 2-3 seconds. If I were expecting anything faster than 10 seconds I wouldn’t even use SmartThings. Until the cloud it completely out of the picture <10 secs is good enough for me.

I have 2 wemo makers on IFTTT and they respond pretty fast with Echo trigger commands. as said, usually a few seconds, but I have had to wait as much as 10 or so.

Thank you I set it up this way. It does seem very redundant to me to have to do it this way, silly wemo. Looks like I will be moving away from them with future device purchases.

I stopped using my wemo devices. They are just too unreliable with ST.

the annoying thing is - wemo is really the only switch i can use here in oz that works with ST’s. but I also gave up on them.

My only real issue with demo’s is that they aren’t updating their status in ST. They show always on unless I manually refresh within the IOS app. However, they do turn on/off correctly via the rules I built… I just can’t tell that without a manual refresh.

they used to update status, only recently have they gone haywire.