Wemo SDK, Being Retired

Does anyone know if the decommissioning of the Wemo SDK is going to impact ST integration?

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@slagle or @jody.albritton should be able to find out if this affects the SmartThings integration.


Maybe I’m missing something. Why would retiring of Wemo SDKs for iOS and Android impact ST integration?

You are right, it likely won’t.

They don’t have any other api / sdk published so I wasn’t sure if they would not allow (update their devices) to prevent our connection.

I looked at the DH, and it looks like it is all local lan.

Just wondering.

They say in the announcement that they’re going to continue to have select official integrations and are open to adding new ones. I believe “all” they’re withdrawing is the open API.

SmartThings isn’t an official integration.

Yes it is, it’s just that it’s been in “labs” status for two years. But then, so has Sonos.

ah, I did’t realize lab status counted. I’m good.

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One of the pocket sockets is also on the official compatibility list for the UK. :sunglasses: ( My guess is they went ahead and certify that one because there are so few pocket sockets available in the UK.)

How do you find that page for the US? I thought they got rid of it.

That’s the UK page. No GE products. :wink:

Ok, so they don’t have a nice page like this for the US anymore… Support for devices is different, right?

Glad I’ve almost fazed out all of my Wemo Stuff. The plugs started overheating and safety tripping.Not safe… I mean it was but not safe that it happened.